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LoudCloud Takes Learning Management Modular

E-learning provider LoudCloud Systems is taking its learning platform modular. According to the company, the LoudCloud Learning Management Ecosystems for K-12 and higher education will be available as individual components to be used on their own or in conjunction with third-party systems to augment their capabilities.

According to Manoj Kutty, CEO of LoudCloud, institutions are currently forced to purchase complete learning management suites, many components of which might not be needed by a particular school or university.  The new LoudCloud component architecture allows institutions to pick and choose from an expanding suite of applications or mix and match with third-party systems to create a personalized platform based on their specific needs. It's designed to be the "first fully adaptive and configurable LMS," according to LoudCloud.

LoudCloud's software offers open integration with student information systems, constituent relationship management systems, and various other administrative and back office systems; customizable course templates; and a range of deployment options, including hosted and on-premises.

LoudCloud Learning Management Ecosystems are supported by two new technologies: the LoudCloud Adaptive Reader Technology (ART) and the Behavioral Analytics Reporting System (BARS). LoudCloud's Learning Management Ecosystems are fully adaptive and can be configured to meet specific academic and technology needs of colleges, universities, and K-12 schools. Institutions will be able to purchase individual components to use in conjunction with third-party systems.

The LoudCloud Behavioral Analytics Reporting System is a data warehousing, visualization, and analytics tool that, as LoudCloud described it, "uses learning analytics to maximize an institution's ROI by tracking and optimizing student and instructor performance, rationalizing resource allocation, and facilitating accreditation and improvement."

"Our versatile analytics engine has real-time data capture; processing and data warehousing that provide administrators; teachers and parents with both actionable reports and the ability to alert them of at risk students at their points of need," Kutty said.

Adaptive Reader Technology is a retention tool that captures and statistically analyzes more than 300 variables from student demographics, course engagement, and assessment data to deliver preferred learning resources, remedial instruction, tutoring support, and personalized feedback based on each learner's individual profile. According to LoudCloud, ART "was developed to improve graduation and student success rates by accelerating mastery of learning and improving student engagement and retention.  The technology does this by adapting delivery of learning content, remedial instruction, tutoring support and personalized feedback based on each learners profile along with resource profiling and social learning and collaboration."

The components/modules that LoudCloud is offering includes Adaptive Reader Technology; Assignments; Behavioral Analytics Reporting System; Class Management; Collaborative Learning; Course Builder; E-File Cabinet; Grade Book; Mobile; Notification; and Quiz.

"Teachers should be able to use the platform to collaborate with their peers to identify best practices to meet their students' needs," Kutty said. "Our customers across higher education and K-12 have sought a radical departure from legacy solutions to differentiate their learning programs by leveraging the latest in data instruction and advanced learning technologies to deliver a highly personalized, adaptive, and engaging student experience on a flexible and scalable platform."

Recent adopters of LoudCloud's technologies include Career Education Corp., Grand Canyon University in Arizona, and Jefferson County School District in Colorado.

In other LoudCloud news, the company will be hosting its first quarterly Lightning Forum April 19 in Phoenix, AZ.  The Forum is a one-day event in which  attendees will be given an up-close review of the Learning Management Ecosystems; deployment updates from its customers; and panel discussions around issues and solutions faced by educators, administrators, and instructional designers. LoudCloud reported it also plans to host monthly live Webinars.

Additional details about the LoudCloud Ecosystems and Lightning Forum can be found on LoudCloud's site.

About the Author

Kimberly Horg-Webb is a reporter based in California. She can be reached at [email protected].

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