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CAN2GO Adds EnOcean and ZigBee Wireless Support to Niagara Building Automation Framework

SCL Elements, the company that develops the CAN2GO building automation solutions, and Tridium, the developer of the Niagara Framework software platform for managing diverse building systems, have teamed up to add support for EnOcean and ZigBee wireless communication protocols in Niagara-based systems.

CAN2GO controllers enable wireless devices to communicate with Niagara-based Java Application Control Engines (JACEs). CAN2GO controllers support bidirectional EnOcean and ZigBee wireless communications and translate them to BACnet or Obix wired communications for transmission to the JACE hardware, extending the wireless capabilities of Niagara-based building automation systems.

"Being at the forefront of building integration, it is very important for us to continue expanding the wireless options to our community," said Marc Petock, vice president, global marketing and communications for Tridium, in a prepared statement. "CAN2GO's expertise in wireless multi-protocol integration will allow our partners to take advantage of the wireless wave and offer fast payback periods in the retrofit and mid-market building segment."

This integration of EnOcean and ZigBee technologies into Niagara-based building automation systems enables contractors to use wireless sensors, actuators, and other wireless products where they couldn't before. This improved wireless capability is important in buildings where wiring for automation is too costly, such as buildings that can't afford the downtime associated with wiring, heritage buildings, and those that have asbestos in the walls.

"Every building is different, and system integrators benefit from having multiple options at their fingertips to match client needs," said Simon Leblond, CEO of SCL Elements, in a prepared statement. "Offering both the EnOcean and ZigBee options with the Niagara community will allow them to expand their energy efficiency solutions that are less costly and less invasive on deployment."

Further information is available on the SCL Elements site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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