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Optoma Debuts 11 New DLP Projectors

DLP projector manufacturer, Optoma, has introduced 11 new projectors, including some designed specifically for the education market. The new projectors include the TW865-NL, EcoBright ZW/ZX210ST, TW556-3D, TX/TW635-3D, TX/TW631-3D, EcoBright TL30W/TL50W, and TW675UTiM-3D. The new models are debuting this week at the InfoComm 2012 show in Las Vegas.

TW865-NL: 6,000 lumens, WXGA resolution
The large-venue TW865-NL projector features interchangeable lenses, a center-lens design, and 360-degree operation for maximum placement flexibility and ease of installation. Three optional lenses--standard, short throw and long throw--with throw ratios ranging from 1 to 3.07:1 provide a projection range of 50 to 500 feet. The projector also features motorized zoom, focus, and lens shift (50 percent vertical and 10 percent horizontal), plus up to 20 percent keystone correction and the ability to mount the TW865-NL horizontally, or at any angle. The side-loading lamp design eliminates the need to take down the projector when replacing a lamp.

TW556-3D: 2,800 lumens, WXGA resolution
Targeted at the classroom market, the TW556-3D is a 3D-ready projector featuring 10,000:1 contrast ratio and Optoma's Eco+ mode, a suite of features aimed at reducing power consumption and prolonging lamp life. According to the company, Eco+ mode evaluates the brightness level of projected content and dynamically reduces the lamp intensity to match the scene.

ZW210ST (WXGA resolution) and ZX210ST (XGA resolution): 2,000 LED lumens
The EcoBright ZW/ZX210ST short throw projectors are designed for classroom use. According to a press release from the company, the EcoBright line of projectors feature "lamp-free, maintenance-free" design that incorporates solid state illumination (SSI) technology, which uses both LEDs and lasers. SSI technology is intended to deliver high-lumen output and vibrant colors, while increasing the longevity of the product and reducing the need for parts and service.

TW635-3D (WXGA resolution) and TX635-3D (XGA resolution): 3,500 lumens
The TW/TX635-3D projectors feature Eco+ mode and a variety of I/O ports, including HDMI; two VGA-in, VGA-out; composite video; two audio-in, audio-out; RJ45; RS-232; and USB Type A and B. Both projectors are 3D-ready and offer wireless capabilities via an accessory dongle.

TW631-3D (WXGA resolution) and TX631-3D (XGA resolution): 3,500 lumens
Also featuring Eco+ mode, the TW/TX631-3D projectors are 3D-ready, feature a 7-watt speaker system, and provide a full complement of I/O ports. A built-in closed captioning decoder displays text from caption-enabled videos without requiring additional components. A top-loading lamp design simplifies lamp replacement.

TL30W (300 LED lumens) and TL50W (500 LED lumens)
The EcoBright TL30W and TL50W lamp-free ultra-portable projectors weigh only 1.4 and 2.5 pounds, respectively. Both offer WXGA resolution, SSI technology, and an LED light source. An included wireless dongle allows connectivity to iPhones, Android-based smartphones, WiFi-capable tablets, and PCs.

TW675UTiM-3D: 3,200 lumens, WXGA resolution
The ultra-short-throw TW675UTiM-3D offers interactive 3D capabilities and projects a 90-inch image from as little as 9 inches away from a wall or screen. Texas Instruments' PointBlank technology allows users to interact with the image on the screen from anywhere in the room via a special pen.

Further information about the new projectors can be found at the Optoma site.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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