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Aruba Debuts Cloud-Managed WiFi, 1.3 Gbps 802.11ac APs

Aruba Networks has launched a new cloud-managed wireless network solution, which combines the Aruba Central cloud-based management service, the Aruba Instant 155 wireless and wired access point (AP), the Aruba Instant 220 series 802.11ac wireless AP, and a new version of the Aruba Instant operating system (OS), Aruba Instant OS version 3.3.

According to the company, the Aruba cloud WiFi solution offers up to 10 times faster WiFi connections than competing products, as well as guaranteed wired and cellular failover options in case of a wide-area network (WAN) link failure, and the option of cloud subscription or on-premise management. The company also touts the solution's distributed architecture that link's into an organization's central management and policy infrastructure, so the organization can implement a single solution across campus, satellite campuses, and remote locations.

The Aruba Central cloud-based management service is a new offering from the company. It is a public, cloud subscription-based management service providing a single point of management for multiple sites and multiple Aruba Instant wireless local area networks (WLANs) within those sites.

The new Aruba Instant 155 APs are three-antenna/3-spatial stream APs designed for simple installation on desktops. They offer speeds up to 450 Mbps and four gigabit Ethernet ports with power over Ethernet (PoE) for connecting printers, IP phones, and other wired peripherals.

The new Aruba Instant 220 series APs are designed for the high-speed 802.11ac specification and offer up to 1.3 Gbps performance. They also feature the company's ClientMatch technology, which is designed to intelligent steer mobile devices to the closest AP and best radio on the WLAN.

The company also announced its new Aruba S1500 mobility access switch designed for mid-sized networks. The S1500 integrates with Aruba Instant APs and provides PoE for APs, including "innovative" power management and PoE prioritization. According to the company, the S1500 can automatically use virtual LAN information from Instant APs and provide rogue AP containment when alerts by the Instant virtual controller.

Aruba Central, the Aruba Instant 155 AP, and Aruba Instant OS version 3.3 are available now. The Aruba Instant 225 AP will be available this month. The 24- and 48- port models of the Aruba S1500 mobility access switch are available now and the 12-port model will be available later this year.

Further information about the Aruba cloud WiFi solution can be found on Aruba Networks' site.

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