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ProQuest SIPX Debuts New Course Material Tools

ProQuest SIPX, a provider of digital course materials solutions for higher education, has introduced three new tools designed to help reduced costs for students and simplify the implementation of digital educational resources for educators and administrators.

The three new tools are SIPX Central, SIPX Campus and SIPX for MOOCs.

SIPX Central includes features to let instructors and anybody else at an educational institution set up course readings through a self-service, cloud-based interface.

SIPX Campus lets individual campus entities, such as libraries, book stores, copy shops and instructional technology departments, set up course readings on behalf of instructors.

With SIPX for MOOCs, the SIPX service team can set up course readings on behalf of educational institutions that offer massive open online courses (MOOCs). According to information from the company, "SIPX for MOOCs applies deep geography-based publisher discounts to make content more affordable. It also accelerates course launches by simplifying copyright permissions." Coursera partners can also take advantage of a limited time offer from SIPX and Coursera to get their first SIPX MOOC request at no charge.

Key features of SIPX include:

  • Access to course-relevant content that is available to students at no charge, including open access and library subscriptions;
  • Tools for sharing non-subscribed copyrighted material compliantly;
  • Analytics to monitor student engagement with reading assignments; and
  • Support for integration with existing LMS and teaching platforms.

According to information from the company, SIPX typically saves students 20 to 35 percent in course materials costs by connecting them "to materials that are open access or already purchased and available to them through their university library."

Further information about SIPX Central, SIPX Campus and SIPX for MOOCs can be found on the ProQuest SIPX site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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