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Digital Financial Aid Platform Adds Scholarship Matchmaking Component

CampusLogic has licensed Scholarship University to be part of its own digital student engagement platform for financial aid. Scholarship University is a web-based technology developed by University of Arizona (UA) students to help their peers find scholarships.

First implemented in 2009, Scholarship Universe was developed by a collaboration of UA students and UA student affairs staff members to streamline the institution's process for awarding departmental scholarships. The technology has since evolved to help students find scholarship sources both within and without the university. When a student logs into Scholarship Universe for the first time, she is prompted to answer questions that are generated from eligibility requirements of currently available scholarships.

The system stores the answers in the student's profile, which can be edited at any time, and uses the data to find suitable matches in the scholarship database. Users see matches only for scholarships that are open for application, and they receive a snapshot of the information needed to apply. In addition, students can track scholarships for which they have already applied and update their search.

More than $8 million in non-UA affiliated funding opportunities have been linked to students since the implementation of the software program in 2009.

The CampusLogic platform, intended to simplify the process of finding and obtaining college funding, already has three other components: StudentForms, CampusMetrics and AwardLetter. Scholarship Universe will be the fourth. It is currently being used by more than 300,000 active students at nearly 60 colleges and universities.

"Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to promote scholarships within AwardLetter, provide student-scholarship matching analytics within CampusMetrics, and remind students to renew their scholarships via StudentForms," said Camps Logic COO Chris Chumley.

CampusLogic, in Gilbert, AZ, was the very first company chosen by a new initiative of Arizona State University, the ASU Draper GSV Accelerator, created to source, fund, pilot and credential new products created by higher-education technology companies. Companies accepted into the accelerator program receive training and mentoring, an entrepreneurial boot camp in Silicon Valley and access to a network of experts.

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.

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