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Campus Safety Platform Offers Emergency Data, Streamlines Reporting

Student engagement platform ClearScholar, with support from Butler University’s police, security and IT departments, launched a new platform that aims to enhance safety technology at colleges and universities.

The ClearScholar mobile application works like a social media feed that students can customize to display campus news and events. Student can also use the app to manage class schedules and integrate their student ID to pay for meals, access campus buildings and more.

According to a company announcement, ClearScholar Aware offers greater insight and visibility into emergency calls made through the ClearScholar app. Two key features for the platform are its dispatch center dashboard and security personnel app.

First, the Aware Dashboard allows campus security dispatch and field officers to see a photo and GPS location on a map for anyone calling with an emergency. “Both of these aspects are designed to decrease incident response times, including assuring that the nearest officer is dispatched to the case by leveraging state-of-the-art mapping technology,” the announcement states.

Next, the officer-facing app “provides the ability to log information about the case, which can later be exported for regulatory needs,” according to the announcement. As an example, the collected data can be used to meet reporting requirements under the Clery Act, a bill that requires higher education institutions to provide an annual security report.

Butler University began using the ClearScholar student engagement platform in January through the Butler app.

ClearScholar Aware is available as a standalone offering.

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