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Chalk & Wire Launches Digital Credentialing Network

E-portfolio and assessment company Chalk & Wire today announced the launch of MyMantl, a learning recognition network that allows students to showcase their skills and credentials with verified digital badging.

MyMantl badges are fully portable, containing embedded data about the badge earner, the awarding organization, time and date of the award, definitions of badge requirements, competencies attained, etc. The data is encrypted so that it can be viewed but not altered. Students and job seekers can use the badges to indicate skills they have acquired and identify benchmarks relevant to potential employers, according to a news announcement.

An on-board Skills Planner helps learners map out "skill clusters" for specific jobs and careers and steer their education path accordingly.

For institutions, a Badge Path Planner helps create hierarchical badge structures that correspond to learning outcomes. And a Badge Builder streamlines the process of designing badge graphics. MyMantl also integrates with Chalk & Wire's CWPro assessment platform, which allows institutions to award badges automatically as learners achieve specific competentices.

"As the value of the college degree is re-evaluated, MyMantl has been designed to construct a digital skills superstructure to support and frame degrees, diplomas and certificates and give more weight to endorsements," commented Chalk & Wire CEO Geoff Irvine, in a statement. "Open to anyone, MyMantl actively engages learners, providing them with deeper evidence and a more transparent way to showcase their skills, helping smooth transitions to the workforce or post-graduate studies."

For more information, visit the MyMantl site.

About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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