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Maplesoft Intros Online Math Environment

Maple Learn

Math software company Maplesoft has launched a new online learning environment for high school and college-level mathematics instruction. Maple Learn provides flexible problem-solving tools, interactive explorations of mathematical expressions and more, all accessible via a web browser and internet connection.

Features include:

  • The ability to combine problem-solving steps worked out by hand with computations performed by Maple Learn;
  • Interactive tools that allow students to change the parameters of a mathematical expression and watch the effects;
  • The ability to share graphs, computations, explanations and interactive explorations in a single online document;
  • Collaborative tools that allow students to share their work with a classmate, tutor or instructor; and
  • A free Maple Calculator app that students can use to solve problems on their mobile device, and then move those problems into Maple Learn for further work.

"Maplesoft has worked with educators for over 30 years to develop software tools that support math education, and Maple Learn is a direct result of those discussions. Educators told us that, while Maple is a great tool for doing, teaching, and learning all sorts of math, some of their students found its very power and breadth overwhelming, especially in the early years of their studies. As a result, we created Maple Learn to be a variation of Maple that is exclusively focused on the needs of educators and students teaching and learning math in high school, two-year and community college, and the first two years of university," explained Karishma Punwani, director of academic product management at Maplesoft, in a statement. "Of course, in the face of the pandemic and the vast increase of remoting learning, an online environment is more important than ever, and we hope that students and teachers dealing with remote learning this year will find that Maple Learn makes their lives just a little bit easier."

Maple Learn is available for free (with limitations on daily use) or through a premium subscription ($6.99 per month). For more information, visit the Maplesoft site.

About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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