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IBM Launches Quantum Developer Certification

IBM has introduced a new Quantum Developer Certification, which it's calling "the world's first ever developer certification for programming a quantum computer."

The certification covers the fundamentals of quantum computing concepts and expressing them using the Qiskit open source quantum software development kit. It's geared toward individuals from all development backgrounds, especially in technical leadership roles; knowledge of Python and basic linear algebra is required.

The certification exam consists of 60 questions and takes place on the Pearson VUE platform. Those who pass the exam "will have demonstrated experience using Qiskit to create and execute quantum computing programs on IBM quantum computers and simulators, and the ability to perform these tasks with little to no assistance from product documentation, support, or peers," according to an IBM blog post.

"As we progress along our quantum development roadmap, we're looking to build a diverse, global, cloud-based ecosystem of developers who can bring quantum computing skills to their own communities and industries," the company explained. "With our quantum developer certification, companies and research institutions will find a clear path to get their workforce quantum ready."

Upcoming certifications will focus on building quantum computing applications to solve problems in optimization, chemistry and finance. The company plans to make scholarships available to those with financial need.

For more information, visit the IBM site.

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