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Remote Access Software Enables Online Lab Work

Keysight remote access lab solution

Photo: Business Wire

Keysight Technologies has introduced PathWave Lab Operation for Remote Learning, a remote access solution designed for online learning that enables the remote setup of instrument labs. The software includes web-based instrument control and remote access for measurement and analysis, as well as lab management and scheduling administration tools.

The system encompasses three key components:

  • PathWave Remote Access Lab software, a cloud-based tool that integrates with an institution's learning management system and provides "single-point, secure and simultaneous cloud-based remote lab access and instruments control, anytime and anywhere, while enabling educators to manage student lab access, maintain lab benches systematically and monitor multiple remote lab sessions," according to the company;
  • PathWave Lab Manager software, for centralized lab configuration and asset management, including mass firmware updates for instruments; and
  • Keysight's U3900DAQ Switching System, covering a wide range of switching and routing requirements for lab work.

The solution was recently deployed by the University of California, Santa Barbara to shift an undergraduate photonic laboratory online. "The Keysight Industry-ready Remote Access Lab Solution was integral to our launch of the inaugural quarter of our undergraduate photonic laboratory, providing a seamless way to bridge an actual hands-on laboratory with students participating remotely," commented Daniel Blumenthal, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the university, in a statement. "This solution provided an organized hub through which students can remotely attend and engage in lessons. Controlling the lab computers and instruments, combined with a video call with the lab teaching assistance made this an integrated, active-learning experience."

For more information, visit the Keysight site.

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