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Panopto Teams Integration Embeds Video Management Features in the Collaboration Platform

Video management technology provider Panopto has expanded its integration with Microsoft Teams, enabling a variety of features for securely searching, playing, sharing and managing Panopto videos and meeting recordings within the collaboration platform. Teams users can now use core Panopto functionality and workflows without ever leaving Teams, the company said in a news announcement.

The integration also combines Panopto's video search capabilities with Microsoft 365 applications via Microsoft Graph, an API that facilitates the access and flow of data across platforms. As a result, Teams users can see federated search results for Panopto videos in Microsoft 365, and the words spoken within every video are discoverable alongside Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other digital assets, the company explained. For example, a student reviewing course materials can search for a specific topic within Teams, discover recorded lectures covering that topic, and click through to the exact moment that topic was spoken about in a particular lecture video.

"Powerful search engines are the foundation of modern collaboration platforms, and Microsoft Teams and the Graph Search API are leading the way," said Panopto CEO Eric Burns, in a statement. "On-demand video has become the new document, and as organizations build ever-larger video libraries, the ability to easily search inside videos is more important than ever. Panopto's next-generation Teams integration now delivers fast, relevant, and secure video search results within the Teams app, and students and knowledge workers can now effortlessly search across their organizations' libraries."

Other new Panopto features for Teams include:

  • Panopto home pages are embedded in Teams as a Teams Personal Tab; 
  • Panopto folders and their current permissions are embedded in a Teams Channel Tab;
  • A messaging extension allows Teams users to share Panopto videos within their Teams;
  • A meeting extension allows Teams users to share Panopto videos within a specific Teams meeting;
  • Teams users can receive Panopto alerts inside Teams; and
  • All meeting recordings made by Teams and other third-party unified messaging apps can be managed in Panopto, inside Teams.

The new features expand on Panopto's initial Teams integration released in September 2021, which made it possible for video recordings made with Teams to be automatically transferred into a Panopto on-demand video library.

For more information, visit the Panopto site.

About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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