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Artificial Intelligence

Class to Release ChatGPT-Powered A.I. Teaching Assistant

Class Technologies has announced plans for a beta release of A.I. Teaching Assistant, a ChatGPT-powered tool designed to improve learner engagement and outcomes in live online courses.

By interacting with the A.I. Teaching Assistant's chat interface, students will be able to ask questions and receive "immediate, relevant answers based on what was taught in class," the company explained in a news announcement. They can also highlight the transcript of spoken text to receive an AI description of that portion in additional detail. The tool can also provide a "study guide" from a particular class to supplement other instructional materials and notes.

AI teaching assistant

"We are inspired by the potential of AI to scale the influence of the great teachers who are dedicated to the outcomes of their students," said Michael Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Class, in a statement. "The Class A.I. Teaching Assistant is designed to enhance the learning experience by providing immediate access to valuable information, allowing students to remain focused and engaged in their Class sessions."

Once the tool is available later this year, Class customers and individual instructors will have the option to turn the A.I. Teaching Assistant on or off for their courses. "Class will work closely with the education community to develop best practices and policies for the use of AI in the classroom, and Class remains committed to compliance with all applicable data privacy requirements," the company added.

For more information, visit the Class site.

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