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New Amazon Study Reveals How AI Will Transform the Workplace in Five Years

In a recent study, "Accelerating AI Skills: Preparing the Workforce for Jobs of the Future," 73% of employers said they consider AI skills a hiring priority, while 75% can't find trained talent to fill those jobs. The survey of 3,297 employees and 1,340 employers across the U.S. was conducted in August and September 2023 by Amazon Web Services and Access Partnership.

The survey asked what the current and future need for AI training might be; the possible benefits of AI, including generative AI; and the current state of AI skills training, including obstacles to that training. Researchers offered five key takeaways:

  • Most companies and organizations (92%) plan to be using AI regularly by 2028. Most believe their IT departments will benefit the most, but other departments, such as sales and marketing (85%) and human resources (78%), will benefit as well. Automating tasks stands out as the greatest benefit to companies and employees alike.
  • Generative AI will become common in workplaces, with 93% of employers and 86% of employees expecting to use it for conversations, stories, images, videos, music, and other applications.
  • Those with AI skills can expect to garner higher incomes and more career opportunities. Employers said they would pay 47% more for skilled workers in IT; 43% more for sales and marketing; 42% more for financial; 41% for business operations; 37% more for legal, regulatory, and compliance; and 35% more for human resources. Employees (almost 80%) said they want to develop their AI skills to advance their careers.
  • AI productivity could see a huge boost, with 88% of workers expecting to use it in their daily work by 2028.
  • Employers noted a growing skills gap, with 75% unable to find skilled AI talent, 82% unsure which skills they should hire for, and almost 80% unsure what outside training is available for AI skills.

Visit this page to read more about the study and download the research findings.

Based partly on this study, Amazon has announced it will train 2 million people in AI skills by 2025. Read more about it here.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.

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