Project Management

TeamDynamix Updates Higher Ed Project Management Application

A project and portfolio management application specifically for colleges and universities has been updated with new features in reporting and service desk operations, among other modifications.

Architecting Student Success: Integrated Software for the Community College

Known primarily for its success as a recommendation engine, Sherpa is actually South Orange County Community College District's "sandbox" of integrated software systems that provides many new tools for student success.

Project 2010 Products Announced at Microsoft Event

The Microsoft Project Conference 2009 event kicked off in Phoenix on Wednesday with new details about the next generation of Microsoft's software products for project planning.

The Connected College: Digital Artifacts and Tools to Support Learning Outcomes

Bristol Community College, an urban college in southeastern Massachusetts, has redesigned many of its courses around common learning outcomes. With the help of a Title III grant from the Department of Education, BCC has supported faculty by developing Course Design Toolkits and identifying an array of digital instructional artifacts relevant to course content and supportive of learning outcomes.

U Kentucky Research Group Controls Costs with Centralized IT Management Software

The University of Kentucky's Research Information Services group, which serves a 300-plus staff of research administrators facilitating $300 million in university grants, has realized dramatic savings by consolidating from five network support software tools to a single system.

TeamDynamixHE Gets New Reporting and Planning Tools

TeamDynamixHE has released a major upgrade to its project and portfolio management tool, TeamDynamixHE 7.

Dashboards Deliver Data Visually at ASU

"You shouldn't have to be a rocket scientist to use BI," according to John Rome of Arizona State University's office of technology. So he works to make data accessible to users of all skill levels, largely through the use of dashboards--succinct graphical summaries of information that are commonly used in business to present data to executives and managers.

Don't Dictate, Facilitate

In response to rapid technology shifts, IT's role on campus is changing. How CIOs adapt to the new reality will determine whether their organizations remain viable and valuable, or see their relevance slowly diminish.

Merger of Jasig and Sakai Approved by Membership Vote; Intent To Form 'Apereo' by Early 2013

After more than two years of deliberation, the memberships of two of the highest-profile organizations producing open source software for the higher education marketplace have voted to go ahead with their long-considered merger. Sakai and Jasig will merge and become "Apereo" by early 2013.

Testing Times, Tested Tools

State budget cuts are hammering higher education. CT looks at three public schools that are using proven IT tools to help weather the storm.

Northern Arizona U Moves to Web-Based Project Portfolio Management

Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff is standardizing its project portfolio management on a Web-based solution.

Ohio College Brings Project Management Under Control

When Scott Coffman came on board as associate director of applications and programming for Toledo-based Owens Community College last year, one of his first tasks was to overhaul project management. "The college was using a combination of shareware, Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Project to track and manage projects," said Coffman. "It wasn't very effective."

TeamDynamixHE Retools Higher Ed Project Management App

TeamDynamixHE released a new version of its higher education-focused project and portfolio management application.

SmartDraw 2012 Adds Visual Hubs Improved Organizational Tools

SmartDraw Software has released SmartDraw 2012, with improved organizational tools, visual information hubs, and the ability to assign projects by person.

ManageEngine Adds Project Management Functions to Service Desk App

A company that sells multiple products for managing the IT infrastructure has announced the addition of a project management component to its main service desk offering.

Keeping Service and Support Up When Budgets Go Down

When funding levels are reduced, IT leadership struggles to find ways to continue delivering expected levels of service and support. Joe Traino, CTO at Coconino Community College in Arizona, says that while the current economic environment seems daunting, creative strategies and partnerships will help IT departments run the institution's technology infrastructure more efficiently without reducing services--and may even present opportunities for new resources and services.

Auburn U to Manage Project Portfolio with Skire Software

Auburn University has licensed project portfolio management software from Skire to provide real-time information for capital program management.

TeamDynamixHE 8.1 Brings Asset Tracking to Project and Portfolio Management Suite

TeamDynamix has released an update to its project and portfolio management software for higher education, TeamDynamixHE. The new version, TeamDynamixHE 8.1, adds "hundreds" of new features, including the addition of asset management functionality.

Florida State University Selects Web-Based Solution for IT Project Management

Florida State University has chosen a Web-based solution for project and portfolio management in an effort to streamline IT governance, project planning, and project prioritization.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Uses Cloud-Based Tool To Teach Project Management

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is giving its students hands-on experience managing group projects with the help of a cloud-based collaborative work platform.

Crowdsourcing Innovation on Campus

By combining innovation management with crowdsourcing, Davenport University has found a potent formula for achieving continual improvement and encouraging organizational change.

The John Marshall Law School Moves to Formal IT Project Management

The John Marshall Law School in Chicago has deployed TeamDynamixHE's project portfolio management (PPM) software in its IT department.

Project Rescue: Building a New Vision for IT

After leading his team to some rapid successes, our CIO questions the role of the IT group on campus--and develops a road map to the future.

6 Project-Management Tips

Working through the weekend? Haven't taken a vacation for ages? These 6 tips for transparent, streamlined project management can help.

Fostering Students as IT Entrepreneurs: An Example from Stanford University

Stanford University has several formal programs and informal networking efforts aimed at connecting innovative students with real-world opportunities, in numerous fields from engineering, to medicine, to economics. Faculty and administrators have a selection of avenues to give an assist to a bright student seeking a chance to become an entrepreneur. Here, CT learns about the support many students have received for their entrepreneurial IT projects.

AAEEBL’s 2nd Annual ePortfolio World Summit Call For Proposals Open Through Jan. 28

The Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning will hold its 2011 annual conference July 25-28, co-located with Campus Technology 2011 in Boston. A Call For Proposals for the AAEEBL event is open through Jan. 28.

UConn: Kuali Community Supports Move to Open Source Financials

The University of Connecticut is among the most recent institutions to go live with the Kuali Financial System. During the Kuali Days conference in Austin this fall, Campus Technology interviewed Charles Eaton, UConn's controller, to get his comments on "the buzz" at this year's show and what it means to be a member of the Kuali community.

Project Rescue: So Close and Yet So Far

In the third installment of a four-part series, Gene, a well-established CIO of a sizable IT organization at a top-100 university, has been working with his team to regain the trust of the campus through Project Rescue, a 30-day turnaround plan focused on demonstrating IT’s value. Project Rescue has two primary objectives: Implement a more transparent planning and governance process, and deliver a series of quick wins around some visible projects with high customer value.

J School Contests Build Products for Future Media Audience

The University of Missouri Journalism School, the Reynolds Journalism Institute, and their industry partners including Adobe, Apple, and AT&T are supporting student development work in order to find new ways to reach a changing audience that shuns traditional media. A series of contests will help analyze ideas fostered by the student work and make student products available for real-world applications.

Free Higher Ed Project Management Tool Gets Streamlined UI, New Reporting Capabilities

TeamDynamix has released an update to Task Manager, a free standalone application for higher education project management that was initially released about a year ago.

TeamDynamix Launches Free Project Management Tool for Higher Ed

TeamDynamix has released Task Manager, a free stand-alone application for higher education project management.

Mobile Relevance: Moving More Quickly on Implementation

Mobile implementations bring relevance to the institution for students and other campus constituents. But many colleges and universities over think their mobile strategies, causing needless delays in deriving value from their mobile projects. Tim Flood, a seasoned leader of mobile initiatives including Stanford University's iStanford project, points out some of the unique requirements of mobile implementations, and urges institutions to move more quickly on mobile.

Owens CC Puts Daptiv Project Management System in Place

Owens Community College with three campuses in the Toledo, OH area has implemented Daptiv's project portfolio management (PPM) application across the institution to streamline its project management process and improve communication about projects. A PPM provides a way to prioritize and track multiple projects and allows multiple users to update project details and view status. Daptiv's product is software as a service, delivered to users through a Web browser.

Innovating the Future

IT organizations have reached a point where they must become innovators instead of builders. Here's how to foster an environment of innovation.

Thinking Beyond Project Completion: Analytics, Online Course Guides, and Quality Assurance

At the American Public University System, creating an online library course guide for every course the university offers (now numbering over 1,800) is just a first step. It's the application of metrics and data analysis for a higher level of quality assurance that will sustain the program into the future.

Project Spotlight: Teaching Students Global Software Development

Tapping the talents of a globally based team of programmers promises the alluring image of efficient, around-the-clock application development. But as these students learned, time conflicts, power outages, and over-commitment can get in the way of a good idea.

Australian National U Moves to Project Portfolio Management

Australian National University has adopted a project portfolio management application from alfabet. The university's Information Services organization is implementing planningIT to better align its projects with institutional goals and to manage a portfolio of planned and active projects.

Breaking the Ice

6 ideas to help vendors and IT leaders forge a more productive relationship.

How to Keep Your IT Project From Becoming a Disaster

A disciplined approach to risk management can help you prepare for the worst and prevent unexpected problems from derailing your project.

Dallas CC District Launches Change-Management Tool

A comprehensive change-management solution from SunView is helping a giant community college district get a handle on its production system.

Managing Major Change

With so many disruptive forces at work in higher education, colleges and universities are faced with the imperative to change not just technologies and processes, but behaviors and mindsets. In part one of a two-part series, change-management experts share six ways to smooth large-scale transformations on campus.

6 Secrets to Managing IT Projects

Despite a glaring need for specialist project managers, universities tend to embark on major IT implementations without their services. CT shares 6 ways to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation.

Turning Business Students Into Better Employees

Today's employers are looking for graduates with polished soft skills -- creative problem solvers who can work well with others, communicate effectively, and adjust quickly to shifts in the business environment. See how one Illinois institution is using Web-based collaboration tools to foster these important skills in business students.

Keeping Software Off The Shelf

Administrative systems designed to streamline processes and provide the keys to better decision making might end up as "shelfware" if institutions fall prey to some common mistakes in large implementations. Find out how to avoid these pitfalls...

Ivy Tech Community College Managing IT Services With Eclipse PPM

Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana's largest public postsecondary institution serving nearly 200,000 students annually, is deploying Eclipse PPM project portfolio management software from Solution Q.

How to Learn From IT Failure

For the University of Notre Dame, analyzing failed technology projects has led to a more efficient, successful IT operation.

How Southern New Hampshire U Develops 650-Plus Online Courses Per Year

Course development at the country's fastest growing nonprofit online educator is a major endeavor. Here's how SNHU manages the process.

Moving Campus Services From the Portal to the Cloud

How many times have you heard "Our students are used to Google and Amazon… How could we ever match that here on campus?" Maybe now you can. Through a partnership with Indiana University, rSmart is offering OneCampus, a cloud-based service that gives institutions an easy way to transform older, portal-based systems into updated, cloud-based campus services that rival any online shopping experience.

Alloy Releases Navigator Enterprise 7

Alloy Software has released the latest version of its service desk and IT asset management solution for medium and large organizations, Alloy Navigator Enterprise 7.

OneCommunity: Opening 2015 with 100 Gigabit Network Services

OneCommunity announced that it will offer, in 2015, the first 100 gigabit, commercially available network services. CT talked with OneCommunity CEO Lev Gonick and Case Western Reserve University CIO Sue Workman, to find out how the work might serve as a model as high speed networking technologies mature.

The Dashboard as a Campuswide Conversation on Completion

Cuyahoga Community College, a CT 2008 Innovator award recipient in the field of Business Intelligence, has maintained its innovative edge with a major implementation of a dashboard that measures student success and completion for the institution and is available to departments campus wide.

Ball State Students as Developers: Not Just Technology Users

Ball State University is known for offering its students not only the experience of using the latest technologies, but also the chance to develop them. CT spoke with Ball State University's Senior Software Engineer for Developing Technologies, Kyle Parker.

KualiCo as a Driver of Open Source Development

Joel Dehlin reflects on KualiCo's first 8 months operating as a for-profit company that offers Kuali as a cloud service.

Ball State University: Addressing the E-mail Glut

What if your university sent more than 50 million e-mails to its 20,000-plus registered students? How could your students keep up? At Ball State University, developers are piloting Campus Hub, a new service to help students identify and act on the most important messages from their institution.

Inspiring Innovation in Competency-Based Education

The application of competency-based education in U.S. higher education is uneven: Some programs are just starting up; others are firmly rooted and flourishing as they serve today's non-traditional students. Will we soon see the kind of innovation in CBE that will ultimately contribute to widespread, mainstream implementations?

Using Data for Smart Choices: The Hobsons Acquisition of the PAR Framework

Hobsons announced its acquisition of the PAR (Predictive Analytics Reporting) Framework this month, and the PAR team is already in Arlington for the onboarding process. CT spoke with Ellen Wagner, who is now Chief Research Officer for the PAR Framework and VP for Research at Hobsons; and Stephen M. Smith, President of Advising and Admissions Solutions at Hobsons for their views on the acquisition.

The Who and What of Classroom AV Design

Understanding project stakeholders and processes is key to better management of AV installations on campus.

Developing the Big Picture for Classroom AV Projects

When designing classroom audiovisual systems, it's important to clearly define the project's overall goals, requirements and direction. Here's how.

The Key to Better IT Communication

Getting the right message out can be the difference between success or failure for technology projects on campus. Here's how three universities have fine-tuned their IT communication strategies.

Drawing up the Details of Classroom AV Systems

From floor plans and lighting zones to mounting specs and viewing angles, detailed AV design drawings will help keep your classroom audiovisual installation on track.

FLEXspace: Sharing the Best of Learning Space Design

After only about five years since its inception, a free, open education resource called FLEXspace is already demonstrating its potential to improve both the process of creating campus learning spaces and the science of using them.

Technology at The Starting Line: VCU's Great Bike Race Book

Earlier this academic year, Virginia Commonwealth University was faced with a huge logistical challenge — an international, world-class bike race would disrupt local traffic patterns and supply lines. But the university saw the event as an opportunity to offer students a week of mini-courses, using the race environment as a giant learning lab and tapping a range of technologies to support student work.

The Ins and Outs of Classroom AV Construction Documents and Bidding

Communication is key for a successful classroom AV implementation — and that means getting the construction documents, drawings and specifications right.

Keeping Classroom AV Construction on Track

Once the planning, design, documentation and bidding for an audiovisual installation project is complete, it's finally time for construction — and perhaps more than ever, proper coordination and communication are needed to make it to the finish line.

South Orange County Community College: Scheduling for Student Success

This past Friday, South Orange County Community College District held a kickoff meeting for its latest development project, SmartSchedule. CT asked technology leadership on campus why the class schedule is an important area for development and how it fits into their larger technology strategy for student services.

NCHEMS: From Data to Decision Making and Educational Attainment

The work of the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, while perhaps not as highly visible as that of some other organizations, is continuing as it has for the past 40-plus years, helping colleges and universities translate data into usable information for decision makers. Here, CT speaks with Sally Johnstone, who recently began her role as the nonprofit organization's new president.

A Foundation, a Company, and an Enduring Community at Kuali Days 2016

While the conference and the community that developed the original software and pioneered the Kuali movement have been active for more than 12 years, it's been only two years since the advent of Kuali as a new company — now, the software is being developed and offered through a separate, for profit entity. The Kuali Foundation's executive director tells CT how a foundation, a company, and old and new customers thrive and complement each other.

Google Renames Apps for Edu, Adds 'Machine Intelligence'

Google has changed the name of its popular service Google Apps for Education to G Suite for Education. With this change comes several new features that have been added to some of the apps included in G Suite. These features use “machine intelligence” to facilitate and add more functionalities to Google Apps.

When Portals Retire — What's Next?

At the University of Delaware, an ERP system upgrade led to the retirement of their legacy portal. The search was on for a portal replacement. Joy Lynam explains how the university replaced the portal with a search-based solution called OneCampus — ultimately modernizing the experience of finding campus resources for users.

Clemson U Receives $357 Million in Software

Clemson University has received the largest in-kind grant in the university’s history in the form of software to fuel student innovation at the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences.

MAGIC at RIT: Engineering the 'Happy Accident'

What happens when you mix a high-end technology sandbox loaded with ample, cutting-edge digital media tools and production facilities with some of the world's brightest students and most innovative faculty? Andy Phelps talks about MAGIC at RIT.

AV Design and Project Management Software That Makes Life Easier

While there's no substitute for experience when it comes to AV system design, these tools can help you through the process.

Dropbox Intros New Products for Teamwork

Dropbox today introduced several products and business packages designed for collaboration and teamwork.

4 Questions to Ask Before a Digital Signage Rollout

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign shares lessons learned from installing more than 350 digital signs across campus.

ClearScholar Integrates Salesforce to Make Campus Apps More Student-Centric

ClearScholar has partnered with, the philanthropic arm of Salesforce, to help drive mobile connectedness on campus and boost self-advocacy for students.

Leveraging Intensive Teamwork Far Beyond the LMS Migration

What can be gained from the immense effort put forth in an LMS migration? It can be far greater than a well-functioning LMS, explains University of Oregon Associate Dean of Libraries and Chief Academic Technology Officer Helen Chu.

The Power of the Consortium in Higher Education

CT talks with Indiana University's AVP for Learning Technologies Anastasia Morrone about the impacts consortia can have in higher education.

Developing Guided Pathways in the Community College

South Orange County Community College District IT leaders Bob Bramucci and Jim Gaston talk about the long history of decision support technology development at SOCCCD. They explain why guided pathways projects — that use technology tools like Sherpa, MAP, and Smart Schedule — are so important for community colleges now.

Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual and Augmented Reality

Oklahoma State University's first inaugural "Virtual + Augmented Reality Hackathon" hosted January 26-27 by the Mixed Reality Lab in the university's College of Human Sciences gave students and the community a chance to tackle real-world problems using AR and VR tools, while offering researchers a glimpse into the ways teams work with digital media tools.

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