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December 2009

December 2009


Modernizing Facilities

Facilities of the Future

The bricks-and-mortar infrastructure of community colleges has not nearly kept pace with increases in student enrollments.

By Jennifer Grayson

Support for Learners

Surviving Math, Surviving College

According to a 2000 community college study by Miami Dade College (FL) President Emeritus Robert McCabe, 41 percent of students entering community colleges are underprepared in at least one basic skill area.

By Dian Schaffhauser

Corporate College Partnerships

The T-Shaped Graduate

These days, even if community colleges hit their graduation goals, the jobs outlook for their graduates can be grim.

By Rama Ramaswami

Data-Driven Retention Strategies

Keeping Them Online and in School

Using data to track and manage student enrollment is steadily becoming a standard practice on both two-year and four-year campuses.

By Dian Schaffhauser

5 Tech-Powered Practices for Boosting Retention

Community college enrollments are higher than ever, which has only intensified the struggle to keep and graduate students. Throw in a major economic recession and you have college leaders rethinking their graduation toolkits-- and putting technology at the forefront of their efforts.

Learning Communities

Virtual Classrooms, Real Communities

Trying to create the "community" in community college can be a Herculean task.

By Jennifer Demski



Online Solutions to the Enrollment Boom

Community colleges don't have to resort to midnight classes if they have a viable online learning program.

By Geoffrey H. Fletcher

CT Solutions

Latest Releases, Services, and New Product Versions


Converging on the Future

By Mary Grush