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Campus Technology News Update: Breaking Stories in Higher Ed

Campus Technology's flagship newsletter covers the most timely issues related to all aspects of education technology, from stories about new technology tools and innovative technology programs in colleges and universities to policy updates, science and engineering news, technology trends, social issues, funding and grants and research related to education and technology. It's published three times per week.
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Apple Jumps into Gen AI Race with 'Apple Intelligence,' ChatGPT Integration (06/13/24)

1EdTech Appoints Curtiss Barnes as CEO (06/11/24)

AI Skills Boost Wages for Some, Redefine In-Demand Occupations (06/06/24)

Western Governors University Provides AI Writing Assistance to All Students and Faculty (06/04/24)

Instructure, Internet2 Launch New Data Governance Advisory Council (05/30/24)

Penn State Joins AI Accelerator Program (05/28/24)

NIST Launches Generative AI Testing Program (05/24/24)

Google Announces a Host of AI Updates (05/20/24)

OpenAI Rolls Out Next Evolution of ChatGPT, Able to Accept or Output Any Combination of Text, Audio, or Image (05/16/24)

ASU Awarded $3.75 Million to Advance Generative AI in Flexible Learning On the Go (05/14/24)

Turnitin: More than Half of Students Continue to Use AI to Write Papers (05/09/24)

Amazon Rolls Out 'Q' Enterprise AI Assistant (05/07/24)

Data Literacy, AI Democratization Top Trends in Data & AI/Analytics for 2024 (04/30/24)

Industry Leading Academia in AI Research (04/25/24)

Coursera Co-founder Andrew Ng Joins Amazon Board of Directors (04/23/24)

OpenAI Testing AI-Generated Voice Mimicry in Limited Private Preview (04/18/24)

Global Digital Education Council Established (04/16/24)

Top Actions to Achieve a Future of Unified Data Models in Higher Ed (04/11/24)

AWS Plans to Lay Off Hundreds of Tech, Sales, and Marketing Staff (04/09/24)

U.S. and U.K. to Collaborate on AI Safety Testing Frameworks (04/04/24)

Report: AI/ML Tool Usage Skyrockets Across Industry Sectors (04/02/24)

Pace University to Launch New AI Lab (03/28/24)

Cisco Acquires Splunk, Promotes AI Focus (03/26/24)

New Microsoft Education Updates Focus on AI and Security (03/21/24)

Admissions Trends to Watch: Past Challenges, Future Priorities (03/19/24)

Pearson Expanding Generative AI Study Tools to More Pearson+ E-Textbooks (03/14/24)

Partnership Adds Videos and Podcasts to OpenStax Resources (03/12/24)

Ithaka S+R Launching New Universal Credit Explorer Website (03/07/24)

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Gets First Refresh (03/05/24)

Researchers Identify 'Smishing' Attack that Uses AWS SNS (02/29/24)

16-State Commission on Artificial Intelligence and Education Established (02/27/24)

Survey Suggests Higher Ed Institutions Are Not Ready for Generative AI (02/22/24)

ChatGPT Piloting Selective 'Memory' Feature (02/20/24)

University at Albany to Install First IBM Prototype AI Hardware in the World on a Higher Education Campus (02/15/24)

Google Renames Bard, Introduces Tiered Models and Pricing (02/13/24)

Burnout, Excessive Workloads Plague Teaching and Learning Workforce in Higher Ed (02/08/24)

Survey: 59% of AI Early Adopters Accelerating Its Use, But 40% Lag Behind (02/06/24)

Anthology Offers Framework for AI Policy and Implementation (02/01/24)

Georgia State U and Partner Schools to Study AI Chatbots and Student Outcomes (01/30/24)

Microsoft Expands Access to Copilot, Announces Education AI Enhancements (01/25/24)

15 Ed Tech Startups Selected for AWS Education Accelerator Program (01/23/24)

Arizona State University Partners with OpenAI to Explore Gen AI Potential in Education (01/18/24)

Microsoft, AFL-CIO Working to Shape AI's Role in Workforce (01/16/24)

Otermans Institute Debuts Nine-Lesson Course Using Only AI Digital Human Teachers (01/11/24)

Boise State Cybersecurity Institute Partners with Sophos to Expand Experiential Learning (01/09/24)

IBM and Meta Launch Global AI Alliance with Dozens of Partners and Collaborators (12/14/23)

University of California Deploys Full Canva Product Suite Across All Campuses (12/12/23)

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute Forms AI Security Incident Response Team (12/07/23)

Educause Survey Reveals Growing Dissatisfaction Among Higher Education Cybersecurity Professionals (12/05/23)

U.S. Students Slower Than Others Globally to Adopt Generative AI, Survey Reveals (11/30/23)

AAC&U Kicks Off Digital Equity Institute with 19 Higher Education Institution and Organization Members (11/28/23)

Turnitin Introduces iThenticate 2.0 and a New Similarity Report (11/21/23)

Glendale to Be the First Community College to Partner with Dreamscape Learn to Bring VR Learning to Campus (11/16/23)

University of Chicago Researchers Develop Technique to Poison Generative AI Image Scraping (11/14/23)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Partners with SkillStorm to Train Tech Talent Across the Midwest (11/09/23)

IT Spending Forecasted to Top $5 Trillion in 2024 (11/02/23)

Minority-Serving National University to Offer Google Certificate Program for Both Undergraduates and Graduate Students (10/31/23)

AI Predictive Model Partnership Dramatically Raises CUNY Graduation Rate (10/26/23)

Malware Down Slightly as Double-Extortion Attacks Increase (10/24/23)

University of Phoenix Releases Generative AI Philosophy and Academic Guidance (10/19/23)

Achieving the Dream: 8 Equity Principles for Community Colleges (10/17/23)

IBM Commits to Train 2 Million AI Learners for Free by 2026 (10/12/23)

The Campus Computing Project Founder to Launch New Study on AI, Virtual Classrooms (10/10/23)

Montana 'Year to Career' Initiative to Create Microcredential Job Pathways (10/05/23)

New Educause Horizon Report Identifies Tech Impacting Student Experience (10/03/23)

Pew Research: Americans Feel More Concerned Than Excited About AI (09/28/23)

Learning Analytics and the Future of Change in the Classroom (09/26/23)

Microsoft Announces New Generative AI Copyright Commitment (09/21/23)

Survey: College Students Both Excited and Concerned about AI Tools (09/19/23)

OpenAI Releases Educators' Guide for Teaching With AI (09/14/23)

OpenStax to Release Free Online Organic Chemistry Textbook, Instructional Materials (09/12/23)

1EdTech to Host European Higher Education Interoperability Workgroup (09/07/23)

CAPTRS, Institute for Experiential AI to Develop Human/AI Collaboration for Global Pandemic Response (09/05/23)

OpenAI Intros ChatGPT for Enterprises (08/31/23)

$375M Added to State, Local Cyber Grant Program, Deadline to Apply is Oct. 6 (08/29/23)

WCET Survey Finds Slow AI Adoption at Colleges and Universities (08/24/23)

Quizlet Report Suggests Teachers Are Better Champions of AI Than Students (08/22/23)

Report: CIOs Moving Decisively to Adopt Generative AI (08/17/23)

Generative AI Is a Top Emerging Risk for Enterprises (08/15/23)

GrammarlyGO to Add New Features to Help Students Use AI Responsibly (08/10/23)

Frontier Model Forum to Address Safe, Responsible AI Development (08/08/23)

Anthology Introduces AI-Enabled Course Building and Student Success Features in Blackboard Learn (08/03/23)

Report Finds Microcredentials Poorly Understood or Utilized by American Workers But Critical for Professional Development (08/01/23)

FCC Proposes Voluntary Cybersecurity Labeling Program for Smart Devices (07/27/23)

Turnitin AI Detection Rates: 3.3% of 65M Papers Reviewed Were Flagged as Majority AI Writing (07/25/23)

Cypher Learning Introduces AI-Powered Copilot for Gamified Course Creation (07/20/23)

No. 1 Faculty Concern: Preventing Student Cheating Via AI (07/18/23)

Report: IoT Malware Jumps 700% (07/13/23)

The Mechanics of Digital Transformation at National University (07/11/23)

U Kentucky Establishes Committee to Explore and Make Recommendations on AI (07/06/23)

Snowflake Launches Government & Education Data Cloud (06/29/23)

More IHEs Paid Ransoms in 2022, Even as Average Recovery Cost Fell (06/27/23)

Campus Technology: News Update: Duke Adopts Canvas LMS, Credentials, and More to Power Lifelong Learning (06/22/23)

Campus Technology: News Update: New Educause Resource Offers Multimodal Learning Strategies (06/20/23)

USC Viterbi School of Engineering Issues First On Chain Digital Credential (06/15/23)

Hallo Launches New Career Coaching and Jobs Platform with GPT-4 Coach Boris (06/13/23)

The Dark Side of ChatGPT: 6 Generative AI Risks to Watch (06/08/23)

Institutions Must Plan for AI to Go Mainstream, Says 2023 Educause Horizon Report (06/06/23)

Turnitin: Of 38M Submissions Since April 4, 3.5% Had At Least 80% AI-Written Text (06/01/23)

Digital Learning Challenge Winner Utilizes AI to Accelerate Learning Research (05/30/23)