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Networking and Telecommunications

Online Course Delivery and Development Tools

Blackboard CourseInfo Enterprise Edition

Blackboard CourseInfo provides a system for supporting college and university courses over the Internet. It is hosted locally and based on open, scalable technologies. Features include access through any Web browser, customizable campus interface for a distinctive look and feel, secure environment, and built-in administrative and student management systems. features thousands of higher education courses online. Enterprise Edition consists of several linked modules including the Campus Quad centralized log-in point, My Blackboard personal information manager, University Center for accessing administrative resources, and Course Manager for creating and managing Web-based courses without HTML. Contact: Blackboard, Washington, D.C.; (202) 463-4860;


COLLEGIS provides a complete range of short-term and long-range technology planning, management, and implementation services to colleges and universities. Services range from implementing Web-based courses into the curriculum through their Instructional Support Services to incorporating campus-wide Administrative Technology Services such as new student, finance, and HR systems, to providing comprehensive Network Infrastructure Services such as planning and developing technology migration strategies. COLLEGIS provides onsite expertise to implement technology plans. Contact: COLLEGIS, Maitland, FL; (407) 660-1199;

Convene ac@deme's learning platform provides a flexible, open-design, online campus in a comprehensive suite of tools without templates, strict formats, or cookie-cutter courses. Users choose the format, components, and tools for online course registration, online testing, and classroom conferencing. The open architecture allows for an entirely Web-based course, a combination of technologies, or an extension of existing ones. Contact: Convene, San Francisco, CA; (415) 782-0500;


CyberClass is a Web-based tool designed for use with any Course Technologies product. It allows instructors to post syllabi, assignments, tests, and hot links without knowledge of HTML. Features include an e-mail system, online testing, and a chat room. Contact: Course Technologies, Denton, TX; (800) 648-7450;


Education-to-Go offers a cost-effective entry into online education. By providing pre-packaged online courses, Education-to-Go allows institutions to bypass development costs and get into distance education instantly. Currently offered are dozens of courses in computer skills, graphic design, financial planning, and other topics. All courses are instructor-led, asynchronous, fully scalable, collaborative learning environments and do not require students to have special equipment or high-speed Internet access. Contact: Education-to-Go, Temecula, CA; (909) 506-6647;

e-education's e-education offers a comprehensive suite of software tools, enabling faculty to create, edit, and manage online courses. e-education includes course management tools such as CourseBuilder, TestMaker Gradebook, and Course Reports. Through CourseBuilder, faculty create and edit online courses with easy-to-use tools. In Testmaker, they create online tests, practice exercises, surveys, and polls. Via Gradebook, faculty record and track students' progress, assignments, and course participation. Students' scores on items created in TestMaker are automatically entered into Gradebook. Course Reports comprises a collection of reports accessible online to analyze student activity and participation in online courses. Contact:, Englewood, CO; (800) 701-6463; helps institutions build, deploy, and maintain Web-enhanced and Web-based courses. All development tools and courses are accessible via a Web browser, eliminating the need for special software. No knowledge of HTML is necessary. supplies the technology hosting and system administration support. System components include synchronous chat, asynchronous forum, streaming audio and video, breakout rooms for group discussions, analysis tools to monitor student participation, and help, search, and navigation functions. Contact:, Morrisville, NC; (877) 338-7747;

IBM Global Campus

IBM Global Campus consists of several key solutions that enable a campus to develop and deploy an integrated education access and support environment, streamline its administrative processes to manage costs, and implement an institution-wide framework for supporting distance learning. Components of Global Campus include Lotus LearningSpace, Lotus Notes, and the IBM Digital Library of academic content, finance, and human resources systems. Contact: IBM Corp., Research Triangle Park, NC;


IntraKal from Anlon Systems, a Web-based classroom and distance learning tool, offers a customized course management system featuring integrated registration, e-mail, and grade book importing and exporting, along with incorporation of multimedia sources, online testing and security, and real-time student chat room, bulletin board, and IntraCom. A toll-free help desk provides 24-hour support. Contact: Anlon Systems, Inc., Mankato, MN; (888) 866-4793;


JenzaEducator from, is an online course development and publishing tool featuring personal calendars for instructors and students; personalized and centralized instructor home pages; student profile software to track names, faces, e-mail addresses and phone numbers; instant messaging, chat rooms and forums; syllabus-posting; and easy expansion. Instructors can handle multiple courses at multiple schools under one personalized, password-protected account. Contact: Jenzabar, Cambridge, MA; (617) 492-9099;

LearnLinc 4.0

LearnLinc 4.0 provides synchronized Web navigation, enabling instructors to launch browsers on all student PCs and control access to Web sites. Version 4.0 offers such virtual classroom features as instructor/student "floor" control, audio and video conferencing, class coordination, synchronized multimedia or Web-based courseware, application sharing, whiteboard and text chat, instant student progress verification with polling, Q&A, and feedback. In addition, LearnLinc maintains a wide array of communications options, including audio and video conferencing, streaming video, and IP multicasting. Contact: LearnLinc, Troy, NY; (518) 286-7000;

Lotus LearningSpace

The LearningSpace family consists of software and services for the creation and delivery of online training and education. LearningSpace Anytime 3.0 enables the integration of real-time learning sessions with asynchronous collaboration and self-paced learning in a single course. Learners are able to work at their own pace on course material and to meet instructors and classmates online for a "live" virtual class at a specific time and date. Contact: Lotus Development Corp., Cambridge, MA; (800) 346-1305;

PREP Online

PREP Online combines online training with assessment and course development in a single package. Adaptive assessments allow instructors to tailor an appropriate curriculum for each student. PREP Online allows instructors to design and customize an online learning environment using a template system, using their own content or that of external vendors. The diagram builder content develops interactive simulations and demonstrations. Contact: ComputerPREP, Ph'enix, AZ; (800) 228-1027;

Rotor Learning System

This live, Internet-based distance learning system delivers dynamic teacher-student interaction through a two-way exchange. Instructors appear in the audio/video window of the student interface and lecture as if to a regular classroom. Students can ask questions, hold discussions, and take pop quizzes. Each response is recorded automatically to track student participation. Contact: Rotor Learning System, Los Angeles, CA; (213) 639-3690;


Thinktanx from Viviance marries recent advances in educational theory and practice with an authoring and delivery platform for education. Thinktanx is a set of tools, modules, and processes suitable for any education scenario, allowing users to reach multiple target audiences and provide just-in-time learning and basic education. It also allows users to break up key content into a number of "knowledge modules," linking those modules to each related module, providing learners the ability to navigate at their pace and path. Also provided is a communication engine for interactive online learning, allowing an individual to interact with others in the same module. Contact: Viviance New Education, Austin, TX; (512) 481-1595;

Trellix Web Express

Trellix Web Express is a personal Web-site building tool designed to build and manage high-quality multi-page Web sites through a browser. Trellix Web Express is a server-based application that community and portal sites will license to provide to their members, who will then manage their sites through a browser. Trellix Web Express offers private label branding, extra features to enable interactivity and other enhancements, and management of entire sites. Trellix Web Services, in which the entire operation from management to day-to-day operation is outsourced to Trellix, is also available. Contact: Trellix, Waltham, MA; (781) 788-9400;


TopClass from WBT Systems is a course development system featuring easy-to-use tools for building Web content. TopClass features personalized courseware; the ability to combine content from many sources; testing, certification, and grading functions that allow for variety and flexibility; and security. Collaboration features include threaded discussion groups and easy integration of chat groups, teleconferencing, or virtual classrooms into the TopClass environment. Contact: WBT Systems, San Francisco, CA 94107; (877) TOP-CLASS;


Vcampus consists of over 1,100 Web-based courses as well as a full-featured Web-based registration, tracking, and reporting system to facilitate the delivery and administration of online learning. Academic course content includes software engineering, technical writing, music appreciation, business and finance, and more. Vcampus will enroll, register, test, grade, report, analyze, manage, and measure all aspects of a distributed learning program. The product includes a fully customizable learning environment; enrollment, registration, and payment functions; several built-in reporting functions; and progress tracking by means of its Gradebook, Transcript, and Training Plan software. Contact: UOL Publishing, McLean, VA; (800) 915-9298;

Web Course in a Box

Web Course in a Box is a full-featured program enabling users to create instructional Web pages quickly and easily. No knowledge of HTML is required. Version 4 features a robust grade book and assignment manager, templates for syllabi, calendars/schedulers, announcements, and personal Web pages; an enhanced quiz function; and whiteboard, chat, interactive forums, and improved security. Contact: madDuck, Richmond, VA; (804) 360-8625;


WebCT, an integrated set of course tools, enables faculty to design, develop, and manage Web-based and Web-enhanced courses. It provides features for customizing publisher materials and partnerships with systems integration firms that make WebCT an enterprise-wide solution., the e-learning hub, is a higher education destination site that, when used in combination with WebCT, maximizes the online teaching and learning experience. Contact: WebCT, Inc., Peabody, MA; (978) 538-0036;

Network Administration/ Management


CLASSNET provides a command center from which instructors have control of every computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard in the classroom. Instructors can project their screen to one or all student monitors, view any screen, scan students' screens, share programs, transmit files or messages, and control up to four printers. Two-way computer dialogues allow for interactive tutoring. Instructors can also darken students' screens and lock terminals for in-class discussion. CLASSNET Twist transfers information via a traditional CAT5 UTP cable, eliminating the need for a lot of bulky cables. Contact: Minicom, Holland, MI; (616) 394-0026;

FirstClass Collaborative Classroom

FirstClass Collaborative Classroom Gold (FCCC Gold) is a client- and Web-accessible communication, collaboration, and publishing software solution for K-12. FCCC Gold enables the educational community to send enhanced e-mail messages, share workspace, collaborate on assignments, publish course materials, moderate class discussions, and more, using its conferencing feature. Customizable forms, private and public calendars, easy home page creation, multimedia-enhanced documents, and other tools enhance the product. Security, ease-of-use, and simple administration features enable development of internal or wide-area collaboration efforts, virtual classrooms, and distance learning solutions. Contact: MC2/SoftArc, Markham, Ontario, Canada; (888) 808-0388;

FoolProof Security

FoolProof Security is a cross-platform security system that simplifies management of systems and work groups. Available for Windows and Macintosh platforms, FoolProof Security allows multiple security groups; protects hard disks, system folders, and Internet access; and locks applications and security panels. Contact: SmartStuff Development Corp., Portland, OR; (800) 671-3999;

Fortres Central Control

Central Control is a complete remote administration tool for Fortres 101 desktop security software for Windows 95/98 and NT. Fortres CC gives administrators the ability to remotely alter security parameters affecting the secure file system and secure registry, execute any program on any machine, as well as reboot, logoff, or shutdown any machine on a network running Fortres 101 on the client machines. This program is designed for use on the administrator's computer or server. Fortres Central Control can communicate with other machines on a network using Named Pipes, TCP/IP, or any other protocol. Contact: Fortres Grand Corp., Plymouth, IN; (800) 331-0372;

Fortres Grand Historian

Historian records, audits, and reports computer use and tracks a number of activities independently of each other, while operating invisibly to the user. Historian can, at the administrator's discretion, record application usage, file access and operations, Internet Web page access, user activity, job costing information, and pages sent to a printer. All measures of computer use can be reported by user, time, and date, as well as project. Historian is a useful tool for reporting information on the use of public access computers, monitoring application use, and showing Web page display and print usage information in easy-to-read 3D graphics and spreadsheet format. Contact: Fortres Grand Corp., Plymouth, IN; (800) 331-0372;

InterMapper 2.1

InterMapper 2.1 serves as an early-warning system: It reports outages, interface errors, and configuration changes by querying the routers of a network. InterMapper features include an up-to-date, customizable, savable "map" view of the network and servers; automatic discovery of IP network topology; and a single view for both AppleTalk and IP sub-networks. Intermapper has a variety of notification options, including sound, e-mail, pager, and executing scripts. Contact: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; (603) 646-1999; [email protected].

LabExpert 4.0

LabExpert offers management solutions for PC-based classrooms and labs. LabExpert manages the process of copying software to individual PCs and can even schedule the copying to occur overnight, automatically restoring all configuration settings. Drag and drop deployment of applications and the ability to save student-specific work are featured. A simple interface allows instructors to show their screens to students, look at student screens, and control one or all PCs. Contact: Altiris, Lindon, UT; (888) 252-5551;

NetOp School

CrossTec Corporation offers NetOp School for networking classroom instruction. With NetOp School, teachers can broadcast their screen or a student's screen to one or several classroom PCs, view student screens as they work, control a computer remotely for one-on-one work, transfer files without floppy disks, and chat with one or several students without disrupting others. NetOp School now supports Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server. Contact: CrossTec Corp., Boca Raton, FL; (800) 675-0729;

Novell ManageWise 2.7

Novell ManageWise 2.7 is a comprehensive 0management solution supporting the Windows NT console. It provides autodiscovery and custom network mapping, remote management from a single location, reduction of network downtime through a proactive alarm system, improved stability and performance through NDS monitoring, the ability to monitor network traffic, reporting and analysis tools, and more. In this ManageWise release, Pure IP segments and networks are supported natively, eliminating the need for NetWare's IPX compatibility mode. McAfee VirusScan and NetShield are also included in the box, with a six-month update subscription. Contact: Novell, San Jose, CA; (408) 967-5000;

Timbuktu Pro

Timbuktu Pro remote control and file transfer software offers a scalable, multi-platform solution for user support, systems management, telecommuting, and collaboration across a LAN, WAN, the Internet, or dial-up connections. With Timbuktu Pro Enterprise, systems administrators and network management personnel perform complete evaluations, diagnosis, and troubleshooting to manage resources and solve problems. Users can remotely and securely view, control, and exchange information across the Internet or an intranet. Versions are available for Windows 9x, Windows 2000, and Windows NT. Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS 7.5 or higher includes built-in Intercom for voice communications, file synchronization, full AppleScript support, and more. Contact: Netopia, Inc., Alameda, CA; (510) 814-5100;


Acer Altos Servers

The Altos server series is designed to run networks for file management, for a department, or for a LAN or WAN. Acer Altos servers provide multiple processor support, large memory and cache possibilities, hot-swappable power supplies and storage modules, and support for multiple operating systems, including Windows NT, Novell NetWare, or SCO OpenServer environments. Acer offers a wide choice of scalable configurations, from basic add-in cards to key-activated Internet or intranet solutions and RAID solutions. Contact: Acer Education Solutions Division, Acer America, San Jose, CA; (800) 391-ACER;

Compaq TaskSmart C-Series Server

For educators and education IT staff trying to manage bandwidth resources and costs, the Compaq TaskSmart server for Internet caching increases local WAN bandwidth efficiency by up to 30 percent. The server offloads 50 percent to 80 percent of Web requests by caching static Web content locally—instructors can download and cache Web sites for their entire class to access without draining bandwidth resources. Traffic is reduced to dynamic content only, improving Web response time and maximizing activity time for students. The server's ability to offload traffic from Web servers requires fewer or less costly Web servers for the school, and one-step installation means caching in as little as 15 minutes. Over-the-net management, using a simple browser interface, keeps administrative costs down. Contact: Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX; (800) 88-TEACH;

Lotus Domino R5 Application Server

The Domino R5 application server is an integrated messaging and Web application software platform for systems with 1 to 4 CPUs. Features include integration with enterprise systems, a new messaging management feature, simple deployment and maintenance, an open platform for various authoring tools, and flexible, pervasive security regardless of how content is stored. Contact: Lotus, Cambridge, MA; (800) 346-6409;

Netfinity 7000

The Netfinity 7000 line of IBM servers provides up to four-way SMP 200 MHz Pentium processors with 512KB/1MB L2 Cache, 256MB standard, and a maximum of 8 GB of ECC memory. Two models of the Netfinity 7000 M10 with Chipkill Memory offer system reliability up to 100 times greater than that of standard ECC memory modules. Contact: IBM Corp., Research Triangle Park, NC; (800) 772-2227;

Nortel Nautica 4000

The Nautica 4000 is a remote access server and router that has been built for small to mid-sized applications supporting telecommuting, Internet access, and remote access. Nautica 4000 offers a flexible migration path and allows users to create a configuration mix of analog and digital dial access and dedicated connections. Nautica 4000 can be equipped with several transport options to connect to a local or remote backbone network. The Nautica Configuration Wizard, a Windows 95-compatible application, enhances the set-up procedure by guiding users through the configuration of the product. All functions can be managed locally or remotely using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Nortel Networks Bay Command Console (BCC), and Graphical User Interface (GUI) configuration software. Contact: Nortel Networks, Santa Clara, CA; (800) 4-NORTEL;

Premio Titan 3000L

The PREMIO Titan 3000L represents PREMIO's next generation of servers. The Titan 6000 features the Intel 440GX+ Server Motherboard with support for up to two Intel Pentium III processors. All PREMIO servers are engineered, tested, and certified to run with Windows NT and NetWare and can therefore be incorporated into any network. All PREMIO systems are Novell certified. Contact: PREMIO, City of Industry, CA; (800) 677-6477;

SGI Origin

The Origin 200 , an entry-level ccNUMA server from SGI, delivers optimized solutions for media distribution, interoperable file serving, multitiered database management, performance-intensive computing, and Internet applications. The server features UNIX tools and performance, scalability in all dimensions, interoperability services, and an entry price comparable to PC-based servers. The Origin GIGAchannel delivers aggressive processor/performance capability and enterprise-class I/O at an entry-level price. Fast processing, scalable bandwidth, and industry-leading performance combine to meet the demands of emerging bandwidth-hungry applications. Contact: SGI, Mtn. View, CA; (650) 960-1980;

VideoServer Series 2000

The Series 2000 family of conferencing servers includes servers from 4 to 48 ports, which can be combined to create conferencing environments of any size. Network interface modules support all major network types and large hybrid networks, including ATM and frame relay. The open-systems architecture interoperates with any endpoint based on the H.320 standard, any endpoint or mix of endpoints, or any circuit-based network or mix of networks. Contact: VideoServer, Inc., Burlington, MA; (781) 229-2000;

Bridges, Hubs, Routers, Switches, Wireless Components

Access NGI

Access NGI from FVC.COM is a flexible WAN access switching system that supports T1/E1, DS3/E3 and OC-3, as well as 10Base-T and Fast Ethernet. The Access NGI uses the power of Switched Virtual Circuits to integrate voice, video, and data in branch office and distance learning environments for IP routing, PBX attachment, and videoconferencing support. The Access NGI supports a broad range of data transfer rates, including Ethernet at 10 and 100Mbps, ATM at 155 and 25Mbps, and WAN connection at speeds from T1/E1 through DS3/E3 to full OC-3 capability. Contact: FVC.COM, Santa Clara, CA; (800) 351-8539;

Aironet Wireless Bridges

The Aironet BR100 and BR500 wireless bridges link networks up to 15 miles at 2 Mbps, and 25 miles at 11 Mbps, respectively. Aironet bridges are ideal for hard-to-wire sites, satellite offices, campus settings, and temporary networks. The bridges come as separate components or in complete "turnkey" kits. Contact: Aironet Wireless Communications, Akron, OH; (800) AIRONET;


AsantéTalk is a new Ethernet-to-LocalTalk bridge that allows the iMac or your Ethernet LAN to communicate with up to eight LocalTalk devices, including printers, Macintosh computers, and PowerBooks to an Ethernet network or computer. All necessary cables and a quick-start set-up sheet are included. Contact: Asanté Technologies, San Jose, CA; (408) 435-8401;

BreezeNET PRO.11 "D" Bridge

The BreezeNET PRO.11 "D" Bridge has a detachable diversity antenna system that provides wireless links between networks or devices up to 8 miles apart. Typical applications include ISP Internet connections, networks between schools and remote classrooms, and quick deployment of networks for special events. Contact: BreezeCOM, Carlsbad, CA; (760) 431-9880;

Cisco Lightstream

The Cisco Lightstream 1010 offers campus ATM switching solutions. The 5-bps modular switch provides fault-tolerant operation and extremely fast throughput. Contact: Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA; (800) 553-6387;

Compex NetPassage

Compex's NetPassage Internet Router family is a product line that connects up to 253 users to the Internet with only few IP addresses using a modem, DSL, or cable connection. Inside the NetPassages is a built-in 5-port 10/100 Mbps dual-speed Ethernet hub. This is the complete solution for setting up a LAN with a connection to the Internet. Contact: Compex, Anaheim, CA; (800) 279-8891;

Helius Satellite Router

The Helius Satellite Router provides high-speed Internet access and support anda Virtual Technician to do remote setup, maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting. The router increases throughput and offers aggregate speeds of up to 3 Mbps. Contact: Helius, Orem, UT; (888) 764-9020;

Farallon Starlet Switches

Farallon's Starlet switches can segment a network into more efficient workgroups with the high performance capability to handle extremely large data files. Farallon Starlet switches work with existing wiring and network hubs and cards to support all standard Ethernet protocols. Contact: Farallon Communications, Inc., San Leandro, CA; (510) 346-8000;

IBM Networking Switch

The IBM 8371 Ethernet switch provides local, wire-speed Internet Protocol (IP) and Internet Packet Exchange (IPX) routing between Fast Ethernet ports on the same module and MPOA virtual one-hop routing over the ATM backbone network. The 8371 is designed to connect a variety of high-speed Fast Ethernet, ATM backbones and server links that will meet the high-performance IP routing requirements of today's and tomorrow's campus network environment. Contact: IBM, Research Triangle Park, NC; (800) 426-2255;


Up to four users can share the KEEMUX KVM switches, which are compatible with Windows, Macintosh, or Sun machines. The new Universal ST-nXm-U Matrix KVM switch enables up to four users to command individually or simultaneously up to 16 computers. This low-cost switch accesses PC, MAC, and SUN without the need for plug-in modules. Users can change platforms using adapter cables instead of being locked into a specific platform. Contact: Network Technologies, Inc., Auora, OH; (800) 742-8324;

Netopia R9100 Ethernet Router

The Netopia R9100 Ethernet Router allows small and medium-size organizations to connect a LAN to the Internet via the Ethernet port on a DSL or Cable modem. The Netopia R9100 includes an integrated 8-port Ethernet hub with an uplink port for connection to an external hub, so no additional equipment is required to create a new network or expand an existing local network. Dial-in users can access the LAN from anywhere on the Internet using a secure, encrypted tunnel. The R9100 router is designed with a modular architecture to allow for future upgrades. Contact: Netopia, Inc., Alameda, CA; (510) 814-5100;

Nortel Networks Multimedia Switch

The Nortel Networks Multimedia Access Switch unites voice, video, and data connectivity onto a single local area network (LAN), extending connectivity between an enterprise network and branches over ATM. An integral part of the Nortel Networks Unified Networks solution set, the Multimedia Access Switch delivers an integrated solution for low-latency multi-site connectivity. Within the branch office environment, the Access Switch supports direct connection to both analog and digital phones, local or remote PBX phone systems, LANs, and videoconferencing equipment. In addition, the Multimedia Switch is optimized to support video signals from room conferencing systems or video roll-abouts. Contact: Nortel Networks, Santa Clara, CA; (800) 4-NORTEL;

Proxim Stratum

Stratum 100 is a wireless product that can connect LAN switches or routers at Fast Ethernet speeds. Stratum can transport data, voice, and video information from building to building up to seven miles apart. The Stratum 100 and 20 offer full duplex communications for 100bT Ethernet and two DSX-1 connections. Impervious to rain, snow, or fog, Stratum is comparable to fiber-optic links. Contact: Proxim, Mountain View, CA; (650) 960-1630;

3Com SuperStack II

3Com's SuperStack II stackable switches deliver Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Layer 3 switching, and ATM technologies. Superstack II 10/100/1000 Mbps switches guarantee a complete migration path and compatible solutions from the desktop to the workgroup to the backbone. 3Com promises scalable multitechnology connections, integrated management, and smooth migration from lower to higher bandwidth technologies. Contact: 3Com Corp., Santa Clara, CA; (800) 877-2677;



ClassPoint distance learning solution creates an instructor-controlled synchronous virtual learning environment, combining real-time video, audio, text, chat, whiteboard, sharing, and Web touring. Features include multipoint video and audio; Web-based class setup and scheduling; instructor-led and narrated Web tours; interactive quizzes; Web-based materials available before, during, and after class; and the ability to use the product over an intranet or the Internet. Contact: White Pine Software, Nashua, NH; (603) 886-9050;


The Concorde 4500 is a high-performance videoconferencing solution. It includes LimeLight dynamic speaker locating technology as standard equipment, so users can conduct spontaneous video meetings without planning camera positions in advance. For more structured presentations, the Concorde 4500 includes a Look-At-Me-Button (LAMB) for multiple preset camera positions. And, when used in conjunction with PictureTel's workgroup conferencing servers, it can display up to four remote sites simultaneously on a split screen. Contact: PictureTel Corp., Andover, MA; (800) 716-6000;

Intel TeamStation

The Intel TeamStation is a multifunctional conference room workstation offering full-featured audio/video/data conferencing. Users can conduct high-quality video-conferencing via ISDN or LAN. Microsoft NetMeeting is fully integrated for easy-to-use data sharing. The system includes an Intel Pentium processor-based PC; preinstalled videoconferencing hardware and software; full-duplex speaker phone with advanced echo cancellation for clear voice communication; high-performance pan/tilt/zoom camera with auto tracking and on-screen software-based camera controls; and high-resolution 29" VGA multimedia monitor. Contact: Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA; (800) 628-8686;

Sony Trinicom 5100Plus

The Sony Trinicom 5100Plus group videoconferencing system includes professional high-resolution graphics, PCMCIA graphics storage, and super-quick document transfer to enable sharing, annotating, and saving images and documents. Also featured are an auto-tracking camera and the ability to link up to four sites together. Contact: Sony, Park Ridge, NJ; (800) 686-SONY;

VTEL Digital Visual Communications

VTEL offers videoconferencing software, service, and systems. VTEL products bring visual communications into the classroom, incorporating data networks and the Internet. ESA Digital Technology is a powerful platform based on Intel Pentium microprocessors with superior audio and video performance and fully integrated distance conferencing tools. VTEL's TurboCast is a streaming video software and services package that enables organizations to produce and deliver live Internet broadcasts via intranets or the Internet. TurboCast custom packages can be integrated with VTEL's new and existing Enterprise Series videoconferencing systems or implemented as stand-alone Internet streaming units. Contact: VTEL Corp., Austin, TX; (800) 299-8835;

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