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Syllabus Magazine, read by more than 300,000 educators worldwide, includes feature articles, case studies, product reviews, and profiles of technology use at the instructor, departmental, and institutional levels.

Feature Story
Minority-Serving Institutions: Building the Human Connection
by Alex Ramirez, Thomas Davis, Ramon Harris, and David Staudt
The "have-nots" of the digital divide are coming together as a unique coalition of minority higher education communities in search of information technology parity and proving that human connectivity can build new bridges, too.

Buyer's Guide
Technology Roundup
Yipes: Breaking Through the Bandwidth Bottleneck
Educator's Review
webSavant: Why Do You Think They Call it Savant?

Product Summary
Connect to This: Personal and Workstation Technology

Product Guide
Technology Training and Competency, Web Authoring Tools, Desktop Computers, Portable Computers and Handhelds, Monitors and Displays, Peripherals, Storage Devices, Workstations, Wired Access: Switches, Routers, Hubs, Etc., Wireless Access: Optical Wireless, and Computer Networking Products and Other Tools

Case Studies
This month, a technology training program puts teaching first; a collaborative project facilitates online courses; law students learn to create video; and one university creates a technology village on campus.
Bard College Puts the Horse Before the Cart
Conquer the Web with Beads&String

Next Stop, Court TV

High Tech on a Human Scale

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