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CT Solutions

CT Solutions

Set, Shake, and Shoot!

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging (KMPI) has introduced the latest addition to its Maxxum line of SLR (single-lens-reflex) cameras. The Maxxum 5D boasts built-in, anti-shake technology (a CCD shift mechanism for anti-blurring when the camera shakes) and auto-focus lenses. This smaller, more lightweight design is less intimidating, and the 5D isa good camera for first-time SLR users. 5D comes complete with Konica Minolta’s CxProcess III an image-processing technology for rendering fine image detail and color. Specs: 6.1-megapixel, 2.5-inch color LCD screen. Price: $899 (with an 18-77mm lens).

Roam the Classroom

Mobilepresenter BT tablet/pen device that replaces a mouse and gives the user total remote control of a connected computer system, via Bluetooth technology. All mouse functions are transferred to the pen, enabling the presenter or instructor to roam the classroom or lecture hall freely while navigating the computer. Mobilepresenter BT also features virtual icons, so users can launch applications, create presentation effects, and use multimedia controls; it even creates a virtual whiteboard for note taking. Presentations can be exported in HTML format and posted to the Internet. Price: $495.

Mount Your Monitors

Chief introduces Reaction, Fusion, and Cynergy, a series of custom mounts for small-tolarge plasma and LCD displays (10- to 65-inch displays). The Reaction series is for medium- to-large displays, and provides a lateral shift and post-installation height adjustment for flexibility. Fusion, also for medium-to-large displays, has a Rapid Level system for hands-free leveling of the mount on the wall. For smaller displays, Cynergy provides maximum extension, and with its swing-arm technology, can fold flat against the wall for a lowprofile appearance. Prices range from $109 to $799.

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