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Campus Briefs

Campus  Briefs

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Supercollaboration Yields Big Computing Cycles.

A cross-campus consortium of scientists, researchers, and technologists at Princeton University (NJ) have pooled their resources to acquire and share an IBM Blue Gene supercomputer on campus. CIO Betty Leydon comments on the collaboration: “Having OIT, the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and several individual faculty members all contribute to the cost shows that we all recognize the value of working together to build the best possible IT infrastructure to support research at Princeton.” Since its launch ceremony in late November, the system stands ready to tackle complex computations for diverse projects in areas like astrophysics, engineering, chemistry, and plasma physics.

Floating to the Top.
The Tokyo Institute of Technology or Tokyo Tech (Japan) will soon be home to one of the world’s fastest supercomputers. The machine is expected to easily secure one of the 10 highest positions on the Top500 List (based on the LINPACK Benchmark)—initially realizing 85 trillion floating-point operations per second (teraFLOPS), with the potential to speed past a dazzling 100 trillion teraFLOPS threshold after adjustments for peak performance. Standard industry components and technology expertise from partners including Advanced Micro Devices, Sun Microsystems, and NEC factor into a rapid rollout this coming spring.

Great Hopes for HOPI.
As part of its mission to build an advanced network infrastructure that will meet the rising expectations of the global research and education community, Internet2 is operating the Hybrid Optical and Packet Infrastructure (HOPI) nationwide testbed that investigates next-generation optical and packet technologies. The latest milestone reached: a demonstration of on-demand optical networking that connected three radio telescopes in far-flung corners of the world to make electronic Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry (eVLBI) observations such as precise measurements of continental drift or motions of the moon… Now, that’s big science.

Anita Borg Vision Award.

UC-Berkeley’s Pamela Samuelson capped 2005 with honors, receiving the year’s prestigious Anita Borg Institute Women of Vision Award for Social Impact, for her work bridging technology, the law, and community. Prof. Samuelson holds a joint appointment in the School of Information Management Systems and the School of Law.

Polling on Campus Values.
At Carnegie Mellon University (PA), the twice-yearly “Campus Conversations” poll uses online deliberative polling to determine student opinions about life, learning, and values. The next campuswide poll, to be held in the spring, will incorporate the PICOLA online deliberative polling software developed at CMU.

Warning: There are No Secrets Here!
Stevens Institute of Technology’s (NJ) Assistant VP for Student Services David Sheridan, a frequent speaker on financial aid, is determined to protect the innocent and most vulnerable in the college admissions and financial aid process: He’s presenting a strong public message to families seeking financial aid, urging them to take advantage of routine, free services and not fall prey to consultants who, while often charging exorbitant fees, claim they can guide clients in the “secrets” of financial aid.

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