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CT Solutions

Proofpoint's Proofpoint 5Integrated E-mail and Data Security

Proofpoint, a provider of integrated e-mail security and data loss prevention solutions, has announced Proofpoint 5, a single-appliance solution for defending against inbound spam and viruses, preventing leaks of confidential and private data, encrypting sensitive information, and analyzing messaging infrastructures. Powered by a new unified appliance architecture, Proofpoint 5 boasts enhancements such as more powerful administrative features, advanced data loss prevention capabilities, and high-performance protection against message-borne threats. The Proofpoint platform can be deployed as a hardware appliance, virtual appliance, software, or the recently announced hosted service Proofpoint on Demand. Appliance pricing starts at $6,750 plus annual user license fees.

Hitachi Software Engineering America's StarBoard FX DuoMulti-Touch Whiteboard

Hitachi Software Engineering America has unveiled the StarBoard FX Duo interactive whiteboard series, with new multi-touch interaction capabilities. The FX Duo can be controlled by a presenter’s finger, an electronic pen, or any other object, and allows up to two inputs for multi-touch hand gestures (such as spreading two fingers apart to zoom in on an image). It also can be operated by two users at the same time, enabling collaborative work between students and/or presenters. Price: $1,999.

Xerox's Phaser 8860Solid Ink Color Printers

Xerox has debuted the Phaser 8860 color printer and Phaser 8860MFP color multifunction printer, featuring the next generation of Xerox solid ink technology. The printers’ crayon-like ink sticks last longer than comparable color laser toner, making the cost of color printing equivalent to black and white, according to company spokespeople. The cartridge-free sticks are simply dropped into color- and shape-coordinated ink trays, eliminating mess and producing 90 percent less waste than a typical color laser printer. Base pricing: $2,499 for the Phaser 8860; $3,999 for the Phaser 8860MFP.

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