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CT at the Show

Experts advise on higher education IT leadership in practice.

Campus Technology Winter 2007 Fast-Track Immersive Workshops

Jack McCredieGovernance and Leadership: Different Sides of the Same Coin. In his opening keynote, UC-Berkeley Vice Chancellor and CIO Emeritus Jack McCredie reported on the latest developments in IT governance, while offering leadership pointers from his own extensive experience. Watch the MediaSite recording here.

Joel SmithStrategies for eLearning Excellence. Carnegie Mellon University (PA) Vice Provost and CIO Joel Smith led a day of discovery in eLearning excellence, offering attendees pedagogically sound strategies for eLearning. Smith and his expert panel set a foundation of learning principles, and then examined real-world applications via case studies and illustrations of team successes on campus.

James BoyleRebuilding a Boat While at Sea. Keynoter James Boyle, the William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law at Duke University (NC) and co-founder of Duke's Center for the Study of the Public Domain, pointed out the inevitability of making mistakes in navigating higher education IT, and then considered "The Openness Aversion" and how to manage bias in leadership and decision-making. Watch the MediaSite recording here.

Campus Technology Winter 2007Activities Abound.Attendees took part in myriad conference events and sessions, from poster sessions to tabletop exhibits, technology classrooms, birds-of-a-feather luncheons, networking dinners, and more..Campus Technology Winter 2007

Mary Jo Gorney-MorenoAttendees Immersed in Full-Day Sessions. San Jose State University (CA) Associate VP Mary Jo Gorney-Moreno led "High-Tech Learning Spaces That Succeed and Engage," one of seven full-day sessions that allowed attendees to focus on their own initiatives in the company of peers, with expert "consultants" (the track leaders and their teams) close at hand. Gorney-Moreno offered her own lessons learned from leading the creation of a high-tech student success center for SJSU, and she assembled four technology leaders from across the country to share their firsthand experiences and expertise in designing and implementing 21st century formal and informal learning spaces..Campus Technology Winter 2007

John CampPreparing for a Leadership Role. John Camp, recently retired CIO of Wayne State University (MI), was joined by five other higher education leaders who guided attendees through an exploration of top IT leadership issues. Camp focused his career-long experience-and that of his powerful panel-on supercharging new and upcoming IT leaders with strategies and tactics for facing the increasingly complex role of leading IT in higher education.

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