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Products :: Physical Security

LenSec :: Video Surveillance and ManagementLenSec :: Video Surveillance and Management

LenSec’s Video Surveillance and Management solution allows an authorized user access to any camera, at any facility, from any computer, using only a standard internet browser. The intuitive web-based user interface helps eliminate responder training time and reduces the number of staff required to maintain security within a facility. A single enterprise logon provides access to the live view of any camera within two mouse clicks. Camera locations are identified on a graphical floor plan of the facility, enabling users to view and manage the video from any location and coordinate appropriate responses. Contact vendor for pricing.

System Sensor :: SpectrAlert Advance SpeakersSystem Sensor :: SpectrAlert Advance Speakers

The SpectrAlert Advance line of speakers and speaker strobes offers a high-fidelity signal for clear, intelligible evacuation messages, and high volume for notification in applications with high levels of ambient noise. The new speaker strobes feature lowest current draws at the highest candela setting. A wide variety of mounting options and available accessories allow the devices to be installed in virtually any application. The outdoor models can operate reliably from -40°F to 141°F in wet or dry conditions. Contact vendor for pricing.

Datacard Group :: SP55 PlusDatacard Group :: SP55 Plus

The Datacard SP55 Plus card printer delivers highquality photo IDs and multitechnology ID badges that provide secure access to facilities, networks, and other privileges. The device is designed to deliver up to 190 full-color cards or up to 1,000 monochrome cards per hour. It also features one- or twosided card printing, and is field-upgradable for magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalization. Contact vendor for pricing.

Cooper Notification :: Roam Secure Alert Network

The Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN) is available in firstresponder, continuity-of-operations, and citizenwarning- system editions. Each offering is tailored to meet the requirements of front-line emergency personnel, campus administrators, enterprise security managers, and administrative officials. RSAN is bundled with the patent-pending Roam Secure Information Exchange (RSIX), through which existing RSAN deployments can be connected. From one interface, users can receive emergency information across an unlimited spectrum via e-mail, pager, cell phone, landline phone, computer desktop, XM Satellite Radio, fax, fire-alarm control panel, and giant voice system. Contact vendor for pricing.

Videx :: CyberLockVidex :: CyberLock

CyberLock brings electronic access control and an audit trail to padlocks that are designed to perform well in harsh outdoor environments. CyberLock padlocks cannot be picked or bumped, and the keys cannot be duplicated. A record of openings is stored in both the padlock and the key, providing a detailed audit report for management, and each user’s access can be restricted to select padlocks during specific days or times. Contact vendor for pricing.

Schlage :: Bright BlueSchlage :: Bright Blue

Bright Blue from Schlage is a web-based access control system that gives users the freedom to access, manage, and control their facilities’ points of entry from anywhere. The system supports up to 32 doors and 5,000 cardholders; cardholders can be assigned access to different doors based on their time schedules, security levels, and job requirements. Contact vendor for pricing. .

Notifier :: Mass NotificationNotifier :: Mass Notification

Notifier’s line of Mass Notification systems broadcasts live, up-to-date emergency information to everyone in a building, on a campus, or in multiple facilities spread across a state, city, or the world. The line fits a wide range of facility types and applications: For smaller, standalone facilities, the FireVoice 25/50 is a good fit, while the Digital Voice Command targets larger buildings and campuses. Multiple DVC systems can be linked together via the Noti-Fire-Net network, and Notify-IP sends live, urgent voice instructions anywhere in the world via the internet. The products include a line of visual and audible peripheral notification appliances such as amber strobes, LED signs, and speaker clusters. Contact vendor for pricing.

Axis Communications :: Axis 212 PTZ-VAxis Communications :: Axis 212 PTZ-V

The Axis 212 PTZ-V network camera offers a full 140-degree field of vision with instant one-click pantilt- zoom (PTZ) control. The camera uses a wideangle lens and a 3- megapixel sensor to achieve PTZ functionality without any moving parts, avoiding wear and tear. A vandal-resistant casing provides effective protection against tampering. Built-in power over Ethernet enables power to be delivered to the camera via the network, consolidating power for higher reliability as well as reducing cabling requirements and installation costs. Contact vendor for pricing.

Bosch Security Systems :: Megapixel CamerasBosch Security Systems :: Megapixel Cameras

The Megapixel camera line from Bosch delivers up to 3.1 million pixels in each image for high-resolution digital imaging and flexibility. Three models are available: The NWC-0700 color model is equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor; the NWC-0800 color 3.1-megapixel model provides high-definition imaging at extended distances; and the NWC-0900 day/night dual sensor camera includes a 3.1-megapixel color camera for daytime imaging, plus a 1.3-megapixel high-sensitivity monochrome camera designed for night or low-light imaging. Contact vendor for pricing.

Pelco :: PublicViewPelco :: PublicView

Pelco’s PublicView is an integrated monitor and camera system that deters crime while it displays promotional messaging in an attractive, slim package. The integrated memory card reader accepts messages and multimedia from USB, compact flash, and SD media. A built-in motion-detection feature switches seamlessly between surveillance and messaging modes. Integrating a bright, high-contrast LCD and a wide, dynamic-range camera using a pixel-based imager, the monitor delivers detailed images even in challenging lighting conditions. Contact vendor for pricing.

Viking Electronics :: DNA-510Viking Electronics :: DNA-510

The DNA-510 is a digital mass notification/evacuation announcer capable of providing up to two minutes of digitally recorded voice emergency instructions and alert tones over an existing paging system. Five different alert tones and digitally prerecorded voice evacuation, severe weather warning, and lockdown instructions are available, and can be repeated one to 99 times or until reset. The device connects to a phone line, phone system, or VoIP adapter and can be securely activated or reset from a remote location using any standard touchtone phone. A live page also can be broadcast. Contact vendor for pricing.

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