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Pearson Announces Enhanced Versions of MyLabs and Mastering Programs

Pearson has released MyLabsPlus, an enhanced upgrade of its MyLabs and Mastering homework and tutorial programs.

A spokesperson for Pearson said that, working from feedback from students and teachers who have used the earlier programs, the company developed MyLabsPlus to offer "an expanded teaching and learning experience with simpler registration for students, deeper diagnostic and assessment tools, increased reporting functionality, and additional service opportunities."

The improved reporting features include the capability for educators to track student performance on all forms of assessment, as well as analyze results and plan remediation strategies using the customizable gradebook feature. Administrators can also use the program's capabilities in monitoring performance across classes and subjects to obtain an overview of a student's performance and progress in order to determine the needs for advancement, intervention, and/or special attention to particular issues.

Colleges and universities have also reported on the advantages of using MyLabs programs to determine student readiness for certain curricula and the corresponding demand for developmental skills courses in areas such as math, reading, and writing.

"We have found that students are gaining a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts using MyMathLab in conjunction with instructor support," said Jamie Glass, an instructor who uses the software at the Mathematics Technology Learning Center at the University of Alabama. "Because of the broad range of learning tools, students with different learning styles can find the tool that works best for them. The fact that the learning aids are readily available as they work helps students get past roadblocks when working on difficult concepts."

MyLabsPlus is available in several subject-specific modules, including social sciences, economics, accounting and finance, and health and nutrition, as well as in Mastering programs for the sciences, including chemistry, biology, astronomy, and physics.

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