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Exinda Beefs Up Network Optimization

Exinda, maker of computer networking optimization devices and associated software, has released a new network appliance designed to address bandwidth problems in large-volume educational networks, as well as ExOS 5.5, the latest software platform version for use with the appliance and other devices in the company's "x60" series. Exinda also announced a new partnership with Replify to extend the feature base of its new software release.

Large school districts or institutions with multiple campuses experiencing a lack of bandwidth for Internet access can either purchase more bandwidth infrastructure directly or turn to a generally less expensive optimization solution. WAN optimization appliances like Exinda's new 10060 are designed to use existing resources more efficiently by prioritizing bandwidth allocation for particular applications selected by network administrators, economizing data flow, and improving network visibility to target specific problem areas of network usage, such as demand peaks at certain times of the day.

Exinda offers a line of network optimization appliances in the x60 series that support a range of smaller or greater bandwidth demand levels and simultaneous users. The latest 10060 appliance provides the largest level of support to date at up to 20 Gbps worth of traffic and 250,000 users and does this through a single device (as do the less bandwidth-intensive models in the series).

The new ExOS 5.5 software release includes data inspection and reporting features to identify resource-intensive processes, such as P2P file sharing and social applications, that may be contributing to network bottlenecks. Replify's accelerator product features have been incorporated into the new release as well. Replify adds performance acceleration for secure Web (https) applications, plus software-only virtual appliance modules for remote and mobile device access.

The product line is sold through a network of partners, and a 30-day free trial program is available. More information about these and other Exinda products can be found here.

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Evan Tassistro is a freelance writer based in San Diego, CA.

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