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AppSense User Virtualization Platform Gains Enhanced Administrative Control

AppSense has released the latest version of its User Virtualization Platform (UVP), AppSense Environment Manager version 8.1, which includes a redesigned foundation architecture, better resource management, and new and improved administration tools.

Because AppSense Environment Manager is a user virtualization platform rather than a desktop virtualization platform, user data is managed separately from the desktop environment, so users can choose whatever devices, platforms, operating systems, and applications they need to complete their work at any given time. This approach also enables IT administrators to centrally manage thousands of users as easily as managing a single user.

New features in the latest version of the AppSense UVP include:

  • A completely redesigned, optimized, and modular foundation architecture;
  • Reduced CPU and memory consumption;
  • New policy conditions and actions to give IP administrators greater control;
  • Ability to govern behavior based on the existence of specific files, folders, registry keys and values, operating system versions, and environment variables, as well as date and time;
  • Ability to modify and query text files on the desktop as a policy condition;
  • New administration and management options to simplify deployment and management, including enhancements to roaming certificate support, desktop settings, and session data;
  • More administration tools and utilities;
  • Enhanced Configuration Assistant tool;
  • Faster desktop logon and logoff;
  • Faster and less resource intensive configuration processing; and
  • Integration of AppSense actions and notifications into the operating system.

AppSense Environment Manager version 8.1 is available now through AppSense Certified Solution Partners. Further information is available on the AppSense site.

About the Author

Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].

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