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Oklahoma State University Goes Online with MyITLab

Oklahoma State University has selected the interactive online homework and tutorial program MyITLab to help students improve their technology skills.

Created by Pearson Education, MyITLab has functionality similar to Microsoft Office while giving students a practical, hands-on approach to learning Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint applications. MyITLab works on both Mac and PC.

Features of the system include:

  • Students learn at their own pace;
  • Learning can be customized to the student's own style;
  • Students' strengths and weaknesses are easily tracked; and
  • Instant feedback is available.

"Students are able to pick the time and the place where they want to get their work done. That’s unique," said Spears School of Business Professor Meg Kletke. "And the program adapts to how students really learn."

Kletke says MyITLab allows her to spend more time actually working with her students and less time grading. MyITLab includes Grader, a live-in-the-application project grading tool that allows instructors to assign two projects per chapter that studnts complete live in Word, Excel, Access, or PowerPoint. Once completed, students submit the project for immediate grading and detailed feedback.

OSU student Casey Robison said, "I'm personally a visual learner, so it's great being able to sit down and see it, but [there's] also an option where [the program] will actually talk to you and walk you through things."

"Using this online tool, I'm definitely able to stay connected with my professor. She can be at home and I can be at home, and we’re still able to email each other--and that’s crucial when you're under a time crunch," said OSU student Jaclyn Denny.

Oklahoma State University serves 35,073 students, with 21,149 students enrolled at OSU-Stillwater with a staff of 1,857.

More information about Mylab is available at

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