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OmniUpdate Debuts New Version of OU Campus CMS

OmniUpdate has released the newest version of its content management system for higher ed, OU Campus CMS, with an improved edit feature and several new "gadgets."

The edit feature, JustEdit, "allows users to edit sections of a page in context within the fully rendered Web page and has been updated and modernized for use in version 10 of the CMS," according to a news release. "The user experience allows for quick editing and a live preview of most content types. Users simply click to activate the region they want to edit and then type directly on the web page, speeding up editing time. Regions of a page that can be edited using JustEdit include content within the page body or related content from separately included files."

Gadgets are designed to provide users easy access to frequently used features for specific tasks. Gadgets new with this version of OU Campus include:

  • The Link Check Gadget, which highlights broken links;
  • A Page Parameters Gadget that allows users to make and view design and functional changes to a page;
  • A Workflow Gadget designed to speed up workflow by offering immediate access to any pages in need of approval;
  • The Request Help Gadget provides quick access to CMS administrators or a selected group. In the help request, the gadget includes information such as where the user is in the site, what browser they're using and more; and
  • The YouTube Gadget is designed to make it easier to add YouTube videos to a page by allowing previews of videos from within the CMS and the ability to add selected videos through a drag-and-drop interface.

"The rebirth of JustEdit and the addition of these new gadgets were done specifically to satisfy our most common customer needs," said Lance Merker, president and CEO of OmniUpdate, in a prepared statement. "In fact, most of the gadget ideas came from our 2014 Gadget Challenge contest. Amazing suggestions came from more than 25 individuals and institutions."

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About the Author

Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].

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