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Pearson Pairs E-Textbooks with Free Curated Video Library

Pearson has added Channels, a curated library of educational videos, to its Pearson+ e-textbook subscription service. Students using Pearson e-textbooks can access guided video tutorials, practice questions, and other learning videos within the Pearson+ platform, rather than search the web for supplemental help.

Channels features more than 10,000 short-form videos that have been produced, picked, and organized by experts into 16 course areas, with an emphasis on science, math, and business, the company explained in a news announcement. In many videos, Pearson tutors (who joined the company through Pearson's recent acquisition of Clutch Prep) guide students through a course topic by topic and provide practice questions to review difficult concepts. Students can also post questions and comments, get feedback, and interact with both peers and tutors.

Channels is currently available to all college students for free, even if they aren't using a Pearson textbook, the company said. It's part of a move to prioritize interactive study tools and flexible learning options, in response to student preferences: "As more students use Pearson+, Pearson is learning and adapting the product to fit how students prefer to study," Pearson explained. "Pearson+ gives students the ability to read online or offline, listen, or watch to support however they choose to learn concepts and pass exams."

"Until now, Pearson+ was designed for students who were assigned a Pearson textbook," noted Andy Bird, Pearson CEO, in a statement. "Now, with the addition of the Channels feature, Pearson+ is set to become a great learning tool for any college student who wants extra study help. Adding curated video tutorials on Pearson+ delivers on our promise to bring vibrant learning experiences to even more people. With Channels, we're excited to reach many more students with our engaging content in the upcoming school year."

For more information, visit the Pearson site.

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Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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