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U Central Florida Medical School Moves to SaaS Budgeting System

The University of Central Florida College of Medicine in Orlando has gone public about its adoption of a budgeting application implemented at the beginning of 2010.

4 Cost-Cutting Cloud Strategies for Campus IT

Hands tied by budget cuts, Westmont College's first CIO has introduced the institution to cloud computing in an effort to enhance IT services without additional financial resources. Here Westmont CIO Reed A. Sheard shares details on four cloud-based projects he implemented to do just that.

Cisco Intros CloudVerse for Integrated Cloud Management

Cisco has introduced CloudVerse, a new framework for building, managing, and connecting public, private, and hybrid clouds.

Cloud Strategy: Look Before You Leap

While the idea of saving money and streamlining IT operations on campus is very attractive, institutions need to be aware that cloud computing is still an emergent technology, with some very real concerns and weaknesses that need to be addressed.

How to Plan a Cloud Initiative

In spite of vendor promises to get you up and running in mere hours, early adopters have learned that undertaking a cloud initiative is like tackling any other transformational IT project.

Cloud Computing Traffic Could Reach 1.6 Zettabytes Annually by 2015

A new industry forecast is predicting that cloud computing will account for 33 percent of all data center traffic by 2015--triple the current percentage and about 12 times the total current volume.

Virtualization and the Cloud: NOT the Same Thing

The terms cloud computing and virtualization are often--and mistakenly--used interchangeably. They are not the same.

Cloud Control

In the second of a two-part series, CT looks at how IT professionals can make the business case for cloud computing while addressing ongoing concerns about taking their institutions into the cloud.

Making the Business Case for the Cloud

Cloud initiatives appeal to many campus technology leaders because they off-load services that are seen as commodities and free IT staff to work on higher-priority projects. As with any other application or infrastructure outsourcing, though, CIOs have to weigh potential risks and trade-offs.

Microsoft Touts Live@edu Stats, Prepares for Move to Office365 for Education

Microsoft has revealed that Live@edu, the company's free, hosted collaboration and communications service for education, now has more than 22 million users, a 100 percent increase in the past year.

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