2 Universities Deploy High-Density Rack Servers for Research Computing

Two American universities have installed Dell servers to do research requiring high performance computing (HPC). Both will be using the Dell PowerEdge C6100, high-density rack server with low energy requirements.

Purdue Develops Technique to Keep Computers Running in Overheated Data Center

Purdue University has successfully tested out a technique for controlling operations of its computing clusters in overheating conditions by slowing down the performance of its nodes.

MIT Adds Intelligence to Ventilation Systems

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is trying out an "intelligent" ventilation system as part of a program to reduce electricity usage by 15 percent over the next three years.

Puerto Rico University Overhauls Massive WiFi Network

Sistema University Ana G. Mendez in Puerto Rico will be implementing a new WiFi infrastructure on its three campuses and 15 satellite centers.

North Carolina State Uses Data Analytics To Identify Prospects for Research Investments

North Carolina State University has begun using data analytics software from IBM to identify potential investors for its technologies and scientific advancements.

U Florida Sets Up Virtual SMP System for Research

The University of Florida in Gainesville has purchased software that will enable a major research center on its campus to aggregate hardware for creating a symmetric multiprocessing system.

Google and Verizon Push Tiered Broadband Services

Google and Verizon this week issued a statement on United States broadband policy, describing an approach that would permit differentiated services.

Remington College Deploys WiFi with Cloud-Based Control

Remington College, a confederation of private career colleges, has deployed campus wireless networks that are managed centrally through a cloud-based service.

LAN-Based Technology Improves Cell Phone Coverage at MIT

Each time a new building goes up at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, cell phone coverage is affected--and never for the better. To support the explosive growth of mobile devices on campus, the Information Services & Technology organization at MIT recently worked with several vendors to improve campus coverage for cell phone users.

Is There a Future for Computer Labs?

Though centralized PC labs have been an important part of both campus space planning and IT infrastructure for the last two decades, this may be changing.

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