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How Education Can Defend Against Cyber Attacks

A new report finds attackers are drawn to the education sector owing to the wealth of personally identifiable information on students, faculty and organizations associated with universities and schools.

IBM Expands Quantum Computing Research Through University Collaborations

The IBM Q Network is looking to foster joint research opportunities with universities in an effort to expand the field of knowledge around quantum computing.

3 Ed Tech Trends Stuck on the Horizon (and Why)

It isn't often that forward-looking organizations take the time to look backwards too, but that's exactly what Educause has done in its latest Horizon Report. The association for IT professionals in higher education included a section in the report titled "Fail or Scale," which pulled out three technologies — adaptive learning, augmented and mixed reality and gaming and gamification — that have appeared in previous forecasts, to understand what's happened in the intervening years since they were predicted to have wide adoption.

Ole Miss Adds New Program to Process International Partnerships

The University of Mississippi, with some 1,100 international partnerships, has deployed a new agreements management application from Terra Dotta Software.

Unizin Adds New Institutional Members

Unizin is expanding: The higher education consortium recently announced the addition of two institutional members and two vendor partners.

9 Universities to Collaborate on Digital Credentials Initiative

Nine universities have embarked on a new effort to build the next generation of digital credentials. Their mission: to create a new standard for issuing, storing, displaying and verifying academic credentials, based on the latest advances in public key infrastructures, public ledgers and blockchains.

Supercomputers at UT Austin Make Black Hole Journey Possible

Supercomputing resources at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, hosted at the University of Texas at Austin, played a role in the processing of data related to the recent headline-worthy release of the first image of a black hole.

Upcoming Events, Webinars & Calls for Papers (Week of April 22, 2019)

Upcoming events include the T.D.W.I Chicago Conference, the International Conference on Learning Engineering, and the W.C.E.T. Summit.

Funding Is Top Roadblock to AR & VR in Education

The education sector is forecast to spend more than $6 billion annually on augmented and virtual reality technologies by 2023. Funding for the technologies remains a major hurdle to adoption, but price points for equipment are dropping rapidly.

5 Ways to Promote Student Success in Online Learning

A new report from Strada Education Network offers key takeaways from last fall's Online Student Success Symposium, a two-day workshop focused on challenges, innovative practices and future opportunities in online learning.

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