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Norfolk State Awarded $25,000 Grant to Expand Green Tech

The grant will go toward expanding an engineering program at NSU that studies the application of small instruments to enhance energy lighting, solar cells and internet speeds.

Blackboard Debuts Self Assessment Tool for CBE Programs

Blackboard has launched a new competency-based education (CBE) digital readiness tool, an online self-assessment designed to help institutions as they develop and implement CBE programs.

Carnegie Mellon Conquers All in 3rd DEF CON Capture the Flag Victory

A Carnegie Mellon University computer security team has taken the title of this year's DefCon "capture the flag" competition.

New York U and Google Researchers Expose Shady Business of Pay-Per-Install

A research team at New York University and Google are reporting this week on the "shady practices" of delivering unwanted advertising and software as part of the payload of legitimate programs.

Auburn U Partners with Plus Location Systems on IoT research

The Radio Frequency Identification Lab at Auburn University in Alabama has partnered with PLUS Location Systems in an effort to advance research and development of internet of things technologies.

Higher Ed CBE Platform Adds Company 'Friending' to Feature Set

An online learning platform used in 50 colleges and universities has introduced a new feature that lets those institutions "friend" companies that are potential landing pads for their graduates.

Arizona State Students Design VR Apps for 360-Degree Storytelling

Two apps created by students at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at ASU are receiving recognition for their innovative, virtual reality storytelling.

Stanford Picks New Grant Proposal Submission Software

Stanford University has selected new software to electronically submit federal grant proposals.

Carnegie Mellon Win Attests to Benefits of Automated Security in DARPA Competition

A start-up that formed at Carnegie Mellon University has won $2 million in the first-ever all-machine hacking tournament.

MIT Software Greatly Simplifies Tough Database Querying

New software from researchers at MIT could make even the most complex databases easier for non-experts to use.

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