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Education Technology News

The latest education technology news and trends for college and university ed tech professionals. Looking for more in-depth coverage of important topics? Visit our feature article pages!

Linux Foundation Launches New Open Source AI & Data Platform to Democratize Gen AI Tech

In an effort to "democratize" AI tech, the Linux Foundation has launched a new open source AI/data platform in partnership with Intel, Anyscale, Cloudera, Datastax, Domino Data Lab, Hugging Face and other industry players.

CompTIA Announces New AI Essentials and Expansion Series

Information technology training organization CompTIA has unveiled details about its new learning and certification programs, the Essentials and Expansion series to develop and maintain AI skills.

Industry Leading Academia in AI Research

Skyrocketing costs of training AI foundation models have made it difficult for academia and government to keep up with industry in AI research and development, according to the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI).

Udacity Unveils 'Discovering Ethical AI' Course

Online education company Udacity has announced a new course, "Discovering Ethical AI" in response to recent federal guidelines for guardrails for the safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence, according to a company blog post.

Coursera Co-founder Andrew Ng Joins Amazon Board of Directors

Amazon has recruited Coursera co-founder and renowned AI researcher Andrew Ng to its executive board.

Global Digital Education Council Established

Ed tech accelerator SuperCharger Ventures and over a dozen global universities have established the Digital Education Council (DEC) to address ed tech issues worldwide, including the impact of AI on education and work.

Kogod Business School Infuses Curriculum and Operations with AI Instruction

The Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington, DC, has announced its curriculum and day-to-day operations will feature artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to ensure that existing and new students and staff will have the training they need to remain current in job skills required for this rapidly advancing technology.

Security Professionals Express Cautious Optimism About AI

A new report on the state of AI and security indicates that security pros are cautiously optimistic about AI's potential to enhance threat detection and response.

Report: AI Adoption Hindered by Data Quality

Study "found that nearly every organization experiences challenges when implementing artificial intelligence (AI), with the top challenge being issues with data quality."

OpenAI Testing AI-Generated Voice Mimicry in Limited Private Preview

OpenAI is testing a new AI-based voice technology in an effort to explore its capabilities while keeping it out of the hands of potential bad actors.