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GPS Trackers Helping Researchers Follow Path of Objects in Ocean

A $50 GPS-enabled theft tracker is being used once again in a device that will monitor the transport of oil from its source to the beach when a sea spill occurs, such as the 2010 BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

U Central Florida Signs with 'Concierge' Service for Help in Peaks

The University of Central Florida is working with an external service provider to get help with student services during busy periods.

Researchers at Brown U Develop Terahertz Wireless Multiplexing

A Brown University-led team of researchers has developed a system for multiplexing and de-multiplexing terahertz waves, solving one of the technical challenges of terahertz wireless networking, which could potentially deliver data at rates that are up to 100 times faster than current wireless technology.

U Michigan Library Adds Video Streaming Service

The University of Michigan is one of the newest institutions to adopt a service that delivers streaming video to colleges and universities.

U South Alabama Adopts Engagement Software for Admissions

The school will start using Evolution Labs' S360 with algorithms designed to individualize the recruitment process for each possible student.

CAST Releases Academic Version of Lighting Software

A company that sells applications designed to help production teams plan lighting for stage productions, movies, television shows and events has introduced an academic edition of its flagship program.


White House Gives Up on Grading Colleges and Universities

The White House has relinquished its efforts to grade colleges and universities. The announcement came during President Obama's weekly address this weekend.

'Secret-Shopper' Study Looks at What Happens after a Student Prospect Clicks 'Tell Me More'

When prospective students provide contact details to third-party college aggregator sites, more than a sixth of them can expect a call back within five minutes of the inquiry and more than one-third within the first 30 minutes after inquiry.

Maker Movement To Get Professional Makeover in Midwest

The culture of "making" and its potential to revive manufacturing and drive the national economy is getting National Science Foundation attention.

Southwestern Michigan College to Use 3D Visualization in Science Classrooms

The college in Dowagiac, MI, will install Sensavis's The 3D Classroom software in every classroom of its newly renovated science center.