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Fine Tuning the Focus — 25 Years of Campus Computing

Kenneth Green draws on 25 years with The Campus Computing Project to reflect on higher ed's IT priorities.

Research: Learning Is No Spectator Sport

MOOCs that rely primarily on people watching lectures may be missing an opportunity to help their students learn even more by adding interactive activities. Recent research into massive open online courses suggests that students do six times better in the course by "extra doing."

Survey: Librarians and Faculty a Mile Apart on Need for Better Communication

Faculty and librarians don't see eye to eye according to a new survey from Gale and Library Journal.

GPS Trackers Helping Researchers Follow Path of Objects in Ocean

A $50 GPS-enabled theft tracker is being used once again in a device that will monitor the transport of oil from its source to the beach when a sea spill occurs, such as the 2010 BP oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

'Secret-Shopper' Study Looks at What Happens after a Student Prospect Clicks 'Tell Me More'

When prospective students provide contact details to third-party college aggregator sites, more than a sixth of them can expect a call back within five minutes of the inquiry and more than one-third within the first 30 minutes after inquiry.

College Board Assessment Results Show Greater Participation, Big Gaps

The College Board has released its program results for the year, which encompass multiple assessments: the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT and AP exams.

student asleep in lecture hall: study shows early school start times are harmful to students

Early Class Start Times Conflict with Student Biology

How about starting high school at 10 a.m. and college at 11? That's among the recommendations from a new study examining the impact of early start times for students.

Report: Internships Don't Rate Much Attention

Even as some institutions struggle to justify the value of the education they're delivering to their students, internships, which provide work experience, get short shrift.

Report: College Choice Hardly a Slam Dunk for Students

Although "affordability" and "reputation and academic quality" are the two top reasons why students apply to a particular college or university, they aren’t the only reasons.

Indiana U Researchers Land $1.3 Million NSF Grant to Study 'Making'

Two professors at Indiana University will spend four years finding the best practices that can generate economic activity through maker spaces in Asia and the U.S. Midwest.

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