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A Quarter of Higher Ed Transmits Unencrypted Student Data

Should colleges and universities be insisting on the use of encryption for the transmission of sensitive information among its student applicants? That's what one security firm is recommending after doing an informal audit of 162 American institutions, including schools that are part of the Big 10, the Big 8, the Ivy League, community colleges, and technical institutes.

Academic Data Breaches Miniscule Compared with Government, Private Industry

Academia has taken considerable heat over some high-profile data breaches in the last decade. However, a new visualization tool puts those breaches into perspective. Against the background noise of data breaches in government and the private sector, breaches in academic institutions are for the most part invisible.

Stanford U Tells Users To Change Passwords after Hack Attack

Stanford University is working with law enforcement and security consultants to investigate a data breach in its IT infrastructure that appears to have divulged user names and possibly other information.

Identity Management in the Cloud

Identity Management in the Cloud

With students and faculty now accessing applications in the cloud, IT departments should consider the merits of federating, centralizing--and even outsourcing--identity management. The rewards? Greater security, convenience, and lower costs.

Cooper Roam Secure Alert Network Connects to FEMA Alert Systems

Cooper Notification is adding the ability to connect to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Wireless Emergency Alert system and Emergency Alert System through the company's mass notification system, the Roam Secure Alert Network.

Unattended Drive Leaves 14,200 Vulnerable at Champlain

A small college in Vermont has gone public with an incident that could lead to data breaches afflicting more than 14,200 people.

How Cloud Backup Can Save IT Big Bucks

Moving your data storage, backup, and disaster recovery to the cloud can cut costs and improve functionality for both end users and tech personnel.

Report: 85 Percent of Educational Institutions Allow BYOD, Yet Security Lags Behind

Eighty-five percent of educational institutions allow instructors or students to use their own devices on institutional networks according to a new survey from Bradford Networks.

USC Joins Cybersecurity Research Consortium

The University of Southern California is the newest member of the Northrop Grumman Cybersecurity Research Consortium, a partnership between academia and industry working together to increase Northrop Grumman Corporation's technological capabilities in the area of cybersecurity.

Absolute Software Adds iOS Theft Management Service

A security technology company has implemented a new theft management service that may interest schools running iPad programs.

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