NetApp FAS2000 Storage Line Delivers up to 432 TB

NetApp has launched its new FAS2000 line of entry-level storage systems for midsize organizations.

San Joaquin Valley College Shifts to Virtual Storage

San Joaquin Valley College, a career college in California with 10 campuses, has moved storage functions to a virtual storage system from EMC.

UC Davis Chooses Druva inSync for Laptop Backup

The University of California at Davis has adopted Druva inSync for its laptop backup requirements.

NetApp Accepting Applications for Free Storage Systems

As part of its Education Donation Program, launched this month, NetApp will donate approximately 1,800 NetApp FAS3100 storage systems to education organizations throughout the United States.

Researchers Throw Out Digital Waste Scheme

A couple of computer scientists--one from Johns Hopkins University and the other at the University of Alabama at Birmingham--have looked to the science of waste management for guidance on what to do with unwanted or unused data from the digital world.

High Performance Computing Storage Supports 2 Petabyte File System

Black Sky, a high-performance computing (HPC) company, has introduced a new storage system that, in its most generous configuration, supports 180 TB of storage in a 4U chassis.

Nutanix Complete Cluster Combines Server and Storage Infrastructure

Nutanix has released Nutanix Complete Cluster, a solution designed for virtualization that uses a distributed system software layer to combine servers and storage into a single tier and eliminates the need for network storage.

Barracuda Boosts Backup Cloud Storage

Barracuda Networks is expanding cloud storage for organizations that subscribe to its local and cloud-based disaster recovery solution, known as Barracuda Backup Service.

U Utah Adds HP-Based HPC Servers and Storage

The University of Utah has gone public with implementation of a new Linux cluster in its Center for High Performance Computing that was made available to the campus research community earlier this year.

Scality Intros Object Based RING Organic Storage

Scality has introduced its new object-based approach to storage, RING Organic Storage. RING is composed of a number of nodes that are typically off-the-shelf generic x86 servers with direct attached storage. The RING software links the nodes together.

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