Using Versatile Web Conferencing Technology

The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia has standardized on one Web conferencing system to use both for courses and for administration.

Laundry Gets High-tech Spin at 9 Campuses

Residents at nine universities can now check washer and dryer availability from the Web with installations of eSuds to their dorm laundry facilities. eSuds enables students to check machine availability and the status of their laundry over the Internet. They can also pay for the wash and dry cycles with their student ID cards or debit or credit cards. Users automatically receive an e-mail, page, or wireless message when the wash and dry cycles are complete.

Ball State Initiative Targets Emerging Media

The economy notwithstanding, Ball State University has just announced an Emerging Media Initiative that targets $17.7 million toward the evolving use of technology and digital content.

Stanford Law School Launches IP Litigation Clearinghouse

The Law, Science & Technology Program at Stanford Law School has launched the Intellectual Property Litigation Clearinghouse (IPLC), an online database that offers comprehensive information about intellectual property (IP) disputes within the United States.

Caltech Research Group Moves Collaboration to eTouch SamePage Wiki

California Institute of Technology's (Caltech) Atwater Research Group has chosen eTouch SamePage enterprise wiki for the group's internal communications. Atwater is engaged in interdisciplinary materials and device research, spanning photonics and electronics and with applications in Si-based photonics, plasmonics, renewable energy, and mechanically active thin film devices.

California Community College System Gets Expanded Collaboration Tools

CCC Confer, a project out of Palomar College in San Marcos, CA, is expanding its Web collaboration capabilities. The organization, which provides Web-based conferencing capabilities for the massive California Community College System (CCCS) enterprise-wide, has upgraded to the Elluminate Learning Suite unlimited license.

Can You Operate as a Virtual Being?

Now that we are conducting at least a part of our business of education virtually and often meeting in virtual environments, let's explore the really big question for academics in a Web 2.0 era...

IBM's Pass It Along: Mapping Memes Toward A Learning Organization

How IBM's new release is following through on old challenges... big ones.

Columbia Center To Smooth Web Operations with Collaboration Suite

A college or university without a Web site is inconceivable today, but with every site comes the challenge of managing content. Some sort of automated system is a given, but how much should the site's content management system integrate with other aspects of the campus computing infrastructure?

First Look: Komodo IDE 5.0

Last month, ActiveState released Komodo IDE 5.0, the company's latest integrated development environment (IDE). Komodo supports multiple programming and markup languages, including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Java, Python, C++ and more. It does not support some .NET languages at present, such as ASP/ASP.NET, C# and VB.NET.

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