'Blog Action Day' Calls for Discussion of Poverty

The second annual Blog Action Day takes place today, bringing together 8,000-plus blog, podcast, and videocast sites to post about the same issue on the same day. This year's topic is poverty. The purpose of the effort is, according to organizers, "to create a discussion. We ask bloggers to take a single day out of their schedule and focus it on an important issue. By doing so on the same day, the blogging community effectively changes the conversation on the web and focuses audiences around the globe on that issue. Out of this discussion naturally flow actions, advice, ideas, plans, and empowerment."

Research Libraries Collaborate on Shared Digital Repository

A group of the nation's largest research libraries are collaborating to create a repository of their digital collections, including millions of books. These holdings will be archived and preserved in a single repository called the HathiTrust. Materials in the public domain will be available for reading online.

American U Takes 'Campus Experience' Online

American University in Washington, DC has signed with media agency Realview TV to design, produce, and stream the school's online "Virtual Campus Experience." The video will showcase its students, faculty, and virtual campus on the Web via an interactive video-based micro site that's designed to match the school's brand.

American Sentinel U Adopts Web-based Retention Program

To combat distance students dropping out before completion of their classes, American Sentinel University has implemented EducationDynamics' Adult, Online and Continuing Education Retention Program. This Web-based communications tool is designed to keep students connected to their instructors, peers, and institutional support services.

The Institutional Path for Change in This Age: Andragogy, not Pedagogy

Our ontology about teaching and learning is no longer workable. It is time for a change from pedagogy to andragogy and evidence-based learning.

Focus on Institutional Culture Drives Faculty Technology Adoption at Genesee CC

Too often, institutions spend precious resources implementing a learning management system and associated collaboration, teaching and learning tools, only to find that a relatively small percentage of faculty use the tools to any significant degree. At Genesee Community College (GCC), we have achieved high faculty usage of online learning tools by focusing on institutional culture.

Coming to Terms with Cloud Computing

Is "cloud computing" the next big thing in IT, or are you just a victim of "cloud wash?" Recent statements by Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison and software-licensing contrarian Richard Stallman zeroed into the phrase.

Yahoo Fixing Zimbra Bug, Integrating with Exchange

Web-search advertising giant Yahoo plans to resolve a password security vulnerability identified in late September in its Zimbra open source e-mail and collaboration software. On Wednesday, a Yahoo spokesperson stated by e-mail that the problem will be addressed in a few weeks' time.

Amazon To Host Microsoft Solutions in the Cloud

Amazon announced Wednesday that it is conducting a private beta test of Microsoft's server products running on Amazon's hosted computing platform, which is called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Amazon expects to offer companies the ability to run their applications on EC2 using Microsoft Windows Server or Microsoft SQL Server sometime in the fall, according to an announcement issued by the company.

Integrated Collaborative Environment Leverages Web 2.0

Here's a bit of trivia for your next high-tech happy hour: A "nog" (in addition to being a Christmas favorite) is a wooden block built into a masonry wall so that joinery structure can be nailed to it. For the founders of Piscataway, N.J.-based startup Bluenog this obscure bit of carpentry nomenclature was the perfect metaphor for an integrated software suite that includes a content management system (CMS), rich portal features and business intelligence (BI) capabilities.

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