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Texas University Launches iPhone and Android Apps

The University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg has launched campus iPhone and Android smart phone apps after doing a survey among students that concluded that half of them own a smart phone.

American Public U Ramps Up CMS To Tackle Expanding Scope of Web Operations

A two-institution online university system with 77,000 students has broadened its use of a content management system from Systems Alliance.

Open Source Drupal 7 CMS Gains Interoperability with Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft this week showcased some of its interoperability accomplishments reflected with the release of the open source Drupal 7 content management system.

Columbia Southern U Brings Financial Aid Processes in House

Columbia Southern University will be pulling financial aid processes in-house with the deployment of a new student administration system and portal.

eProcurement: Towards Technology and Culture Change

eProcurement systems are designed to streamline purchasing processes, eliminate paperwork, and make it easy for end users to get the best values through spending on-contract. Yet the relative success of eProcurement at any institution often depends on how the procurement department works not only with the technology, but also with the end users in academic departments, in research programs, or elsewhere in the university or system.

IT at Your Service

In implementing a new collaborative learning environment and educational portal, the IT department at New York University's Stern School of Business has had to make some cultural changes.

Free and Easy Mobile Campus Services

What does it really take for a college to create a mobile app? If you start with a pre-existing template and experienced programmers, two weeks ought to cover it....

A Push for Collaborative Workspaces

A CIO has introduced his college to a virtual environment where most communications and collaboration take place online, creating a digital working and learning hub while cutting back on paper waste in the process.

Houston CC Puts Web Database Development into Hands of Non-IT Staff

Houston Community College has purchased an enterprise license for an application that allows college staff to create Web-based interactive content without knowing how to program.