ASU School of Engineering Posts 10,000th Lecture with Mediasite

Students at the Arizona State University (ASU) Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering now have access to more online lectures than any other university in the country, according to Sonic Foundry, the company that provides the Webcasting platform the school uses. The school recently recorded its 10,000th lecture.

Machines are Dumb

The "technology revolution" is mis-named. Instead, we are in a human revolution... humans have learned to think with their fingers, to imagine that a flat screen is really as big as the world, to create new personae for themselves, to expand their social interactions in number and kind, to write and design in new ways, to visualize complex concepts, to find information in seconds, and incorporate that information into a constantly evolving awareness.

Three Myths About Learning and Why IT Shatters Them

We all know the routine--all the world has changed but the classroom is the same as it was a millennium ago. Faculty feel guilty but don't know what to do... Ideas are powerful, especially when they have become beliefs and have been unquestioned for generations. Three in particular may be standing in the way of more faculty using our new learning tools in enlightened ways.

Texas A&M Video Campaign Shows New Face of Marketing

In a move that will certainly be echoed by other institutions if it hasn't been already, Texas A&M University just launched a new microsite specifically to let students post YouTube-style videos showing what life as an Aggie is all about. The site, along with a new Facebook profile, is part of a university marketing campaign called "Do You Wonder?"

Zimbra Brings Collaboration Suite to the Clouds for Education Institutions

Zimbra has launched a new edition of its Zimbra Collaboration Suite specifically for education institutions, a completely cloud-based solution called Zimbra Hosted for Education.

Elluminate Phases In Learning Suite Upgrades

Ed tech developer Elluminate announced Tuesday that it's beginning a phased rollout of new versions of its Elluminate Learning Suite components, including Live V9 and Publish V2, as well as Elluminate vSpaces. New features are being rolled into these virtual learning applications now through December.

Open Ajax Alliance Offers New IDE and Mashup Tools

The OpenAjax Alliance wants to make it easier--and safer--to build applications using the Ajax Web development technique. The group unveiled two standards initiatives at this year's AjaxWorld RIA Conference & Expo last week in San Jose, CA, including a new metadata specification and a new version of its mashup runtime.

Merb: Rails Alternative Takes Modular Approach

Engine Yard has just released the community version of a new Web framework for building Ruby applications. Dubbed Merb, the open source framework written in Ruby is "super-light and super-fast," according to the company, which is positioning it as an alternative to Rails.

LodeStar Integrates with eFolioWorld Portfolio

LodeStar Learning has announced a new partnership with eFolioWorld to integrate its electronic learning authoring suite, LodeStar, with the eFolioWorld electronic portfolio system. eFolioWorld is a hosted portfolio system developed jointly by ed tech provider Avenet and the Minnesota State College and Universities System.

What's on Your School's IT Threat List?

The Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), a national leader in information security research and education, recently released its Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2009, outlining the top five areas of security concern and risk for consumer and enterprise Internet users for the coming year. In it, the GTISC forecasted five key cyber security areas where threats were expected to increase and evolve.

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