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Campus Technology News Update: Breaking Stories in Higher Ed

Campus Technology's flagship newsletter covers the most timely issues related to all aspects of education technology, from stories about new technology tools and innovative technology programs in colleges and universities to policy updates, science and engineering news, technology trends, social issues, funding and grants and research related to education and technology. It's published three times per week.
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UNLV Adds Dozens of Hyflex Classrooms (12/07/21)

OpenStax Gets Federal Funding for Computer Science OER (12/02/21)

Google Docs Intros Updated Citation Tool (11/30/21)

Digital Transformation in Higher Ed: What It Means and Where to Start (11/23/21)

Free Resources to Help with Remote Learning in 2022 (11/18/21)

IT Leaders Concerned About New Cloud Storage Limits (11/16/21)

New Cengage Product Embeds Course Materials into Learning Management System (11/09/21)

Lesson Study Could Transform Community College Math Instruction (11/04/21)

Instructure Updates Canvas LMS with Improvements to Discussions, Studio and More (11/02/21)

U.S. Ed Tech Spending to Reach $27.6 Billion in 2021 (10/28/21)

Anthology-Blackboard Merger Complete (10/26/21)

IBM to Train 30 Million People Globally in Tech Skills by 2030 (10/21/21)

New Enrollment Solution Marries Disparate Student Success Tools (10/19/21)

Report: Most Learners Have Found They Like Online Learning (10/14/21)

Norfolk State to Provide Every Student with Apple Devices, Training in App Development (10/12/21)

UCLA Extension Debuts Immersive Online Certificate Programs (10/07/21)

New CT Leadership Summit: Innovation in IT (10/05/21)

Why AI Needs the Liberal Arts (09/30/21)

Report: Free College Could Woo People Back to Higher Education (09/28/21)

Community College Groups Work to Address Student Basic Needs Insecurity (09/23/21)

AI-Powered Tutor Uses Google Cloud to Generate Learning Activities (09/21/21)

Survey: College Students Expect to Face Mental Health Issues this Fall (09/16/21)

Anthology and Blackboard Merging to Create Massive Ed Tech Ecosystem (09/14/21)

Educause Assessment Tool Gauges Institutional Analytics Capabilities (09/09/21)

Follett Offloads K–12 Division (09/07/21)

Virtual Ed Platform Adds Integration with Canvas (09/02/21)

The Future of Online Learning Is Flexible and Stackable (08/31/21)

Grant Offers Support for Community Colleges Serving Adult Learners (08/26/21)

UC Merced Cutting Cord to Legacy Financial Systems with Use of Oracle Cloud Apps (08/24/21)

Noodle Launches Lifelong Learning Platform (08/19/21)

SUNY Polytechnic Institute Shifts to Fully Online Bookstore (08/17/21)

Adobe Launches Free Analytics Curriculum for Higher Ed (08/12/21)

U Virginia Project to Collect Data on Ed Tech Effectiveness (08/10/21)

Top 3 Ways Institutions Can Improve Student Support (08/05/21)

Students Used More Digital Course Materials During Pandemic (08/03/21)

Blackboard Partners with AWS to Enhance Virtual Classroom (07/29/21)

New CT Leadership Summit Explores Data Practices that Drive Student Success (07/27/21)

New CSU Student Success Initiative to Provide iPad Air to 35,000 Incoming Students (07/22/21)

Pandemic Investment in Cloud Infrastructure Will Have Lasting Impact (07/20/21)

VR Headsets See Significant Growth (07/15/21)

University Looks to Increase STEM Diversity with eSports (07/13/21)

6 Problems with OER Access in Campus Bookstores (07/08/21)

Education Sector Targeted by 'ChaChi' Remote Access Trojan (07/06/21)

2U to Acquire edX, Pledges to Continue the edX Mission (07/01/21)

How Institutions Met Student Needs During the Pandemic (06/29/21)

Indiana U Researchers Create New Model for Studying Student Learning at Scale (06/24/21)

E-Learning Market to Reach $1 Trillion Within 6 Years (06/22/21)

States Too Quick to Use Higher Ed as 'Budgetary Release Valve' (06/17/21)

How the Pandemic Boosted Ed Tech Adoption (06/15/21)

CDC Update: Campuses with Vaccinated Populations Can Fully Reopen (06/10/21)

Survey: Cloud Proves Worth During Pandemic (06/08/21)

7 Next Steps to Fine-Tune Blended Learning (06/03/21)

Accessibility Challenge Fixes 108,000 Course Files in a Single Day (06/01/21)

Undergraduate Enrollment Sees Steepest Decline Since the Pandemic (05/27/21)

8 Colleges to Participate in OER Study (05/25/21)

USDA Grants to Support Distance Learning and Telemedicine (05/20/21)

5 Ways to Address Inequities in Higher Education (05/18/21)

Higher Ed Benchmarking Tool Compares Financial Metrics to Peer Institutions (05/13/21)

East Mississippi CC Uses Mobile Tech to Guide Students Through Admissions Process (05/11/21)

Moodle to Launch U.S. Services Company (05/06/21)

Study: Gamification Techniques Can Improve Online Teaching (05/04/21)

Supporting Entrepreneurship from a Distance: How Harvard’s Innovation Labs Went Virtual (04/29/21)

3 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Post-Pandemic Teaching and Learning (04/27/21)

IBM Launches Quantum Developer Certification (04/22/21)

Coursera Taps Learner Community to Grow Guided Projects (04/20/21)

15 Mistakes Instructors Have Made Teaching with Technology in the Pandemic (04/15/21)

New CT Leadership Summit: IT Security in the New Normal (04/13/21)

5 Ways to Marry Higher Ed to Work (04/08/21)

11 Ways to Protect Privacy When Using Student Data (04/06/21)

Valdosta State Tapping into Real-Time Data to Support Student Success (04/01/21)

Faculty Awareness of OER Has Increased for 5 Years Straight, Yet Adoption Is Flat (03/30/21)

Spring Enrollments Continue Downward Trend (03/25/21)

Educause Report Tackles Cybersecurity and Privacy in Higher Ed (03/23/21)

Open LMS to Go Fully Open Source by the End of 2021 (03/16/21)

Report: Majority of Students Still Think Online Courses Should Cost Less (03/16/21)

What Students Would Give Up to Have In-Person College (03/11/21)

Study Finds Use of Video Boosts Learning (03/09/21)

5 Keys to a More Student-Equity-Centric Future in Higher Ed (03/04/21)

HESS Consortium Collective Taps Oracle Cloud for ERP/SIS (03/02/21)

Google Renames G Suite for Ed, Adds Pile of New Features (02/25/21)

Report: Students See College as a 'Bad Deal' During Pandemic (02/23/21)

4 Projects Using Blockchain to Help Learners Document and Share Educational Records (02/18/21)

MAPS Project Documents Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Ed (02/16/21)

Survey Reveals Students Struggling with Academics During Pandemic (02/11/21)

Survey: Student Success Gaps Widening During Pandemic (02/09/21)

Small Maine College Asks: Do We Need a Main Campus? (02/04/21)

9 Priorities for Closing the Digital Divide (02/02/21)

Report: It's Time for 4-Year Schools to Welcome Adult Learners (01/28/21)

Key CIO Traits for 2021: Determination, Sensitivity (01/26/21)

Free COVID Dashboard Resources Offer Templates for College and County Data (01/21/21)

CARES Act 2: Larger, but Still Insufficient (01/19/21)

Free Resources to Help with Remote Learning in 2021 (01/14/21)

25 Ed Tech Predictions for 2021 (01/12/21)

Faculty Expect to Return to Face-to-Face Instruction for Fall 2021, but with Online Elements (01/07/21)

Top 10 Campus Technology Stories of 2020 (12/15/20)

U Arizona: Students Must Test for COVID or Lose WiFi Access (12/14/20)

Rice Using Google Cloud for COVID-19 Data Analytics (12/10/20)

There's More to Come for AI in Ed (12/09/20)

Kentucky Community & Technical College System Closing the Gap Between Education and Work (12/08/20)

New Marketplace Opens for Community College Courses (12/07/20)