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Campus Technology Monthly Edition

Campus Technology is published monthly in a digital/PDF format, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile platforms. CT is the most trusted publication covering education technology on college and university campuses. Click on an issue below to view or download. If you're looking for older issues see the archive of the print edition from January 1996 through December 2010.

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Campus Technology February 2014

Campus Technology Magazine — February 2014


  • A Better Flip: How 5 higher ed institutions are making the most of the flipped classroom
  • 4 Disruptive Trends Changing the Future of IT
  • Reinventing Accreditation
  • LTI Standard Promises a Kinder, Gentler LMS
  • Amazon's Push in Education

Campus Technology January 2014

Campus Technology Magazine — January 2014


  • Breaking the MOOC Model: Udacity threw a wrench in the MOOC model by abandoning higher ed. What's next?
  • What's Hot, What's Not 2014
  • How to Earn a Graduate Degree on a Smartphone
  • A Collaborative Approach to IT Support
  • 5 Ways Online Advising Can Improve on Face-to-Face
  • Helping Students Tune in on Any Device

Campus Technology December 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — December 2013


  • Degrees of Competency: Why some schools are moving to competency-based learning.
  • Tech Support that Never Sleeps
  • 7 Tactics for Revamping IT
  • Cloud-Based Accessibility
  • The Library Has Left the Building, But...

Campus Technology November 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — November 2013


  • The IT Wage War: Unable to match corporate salaries, colleges fight back with perks.
  • Is Tech Changing the Way Students Write?
  • 3 Keys to Fostering Community Online
  • 6 Innovative Uses of Lecture Capture
  • Print Your Own 3D Learning Objects

Campus Technology October 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — October 2013


  • The Online State: Florida is leading the nation with its online education initiatives. Is your state next?
  • Who Owns College Courses?
  • How to Teach Entrepreneurship
  • When Students Can't Compute
  • Faculty Review: Windows 8 Tablet PCs

Campus Technology September 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — September 2013


  • What Faculty Want From IT: The Top 10 Services on Faculty's IT Wish List
  • The True Cost of Open Source
  • The TCO and ROI of Desktop Virtualization
  • The Power of Predictive Analytics
  • Scheduling the Right Space at the Right Time
  • The Need for Innovation Amid Change