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Campus Technology is published monthly in a digital/PDF format, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile platforms. CT is the most trusted publication covering education technology on college and university campuses. Click on an issue below to view or download. If you're looking for older issues see the archive of the print edition from January 1996 through December 2010.

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Campus Technology Magazine May 2012: Cover

Campus Technology Digital Edition – May 2012


Break The Ice 6 ideas to help vendors and IT leaders forge more productive relationships.
Grading Online Evaluations
Reinventing IT: Be a Facilitator
5 Ways to Save Students - and $ IT Security: Safety vs. Freedom

Cover Image: Campus Technology April 2012

Campus Technology Digital Edition - April 2012


The Price is Right? E-texts should be much cheaper than their print versions. So why aren't they?
21st Century LMS
Social Media Marketing

Cover Image: Campus Technology March 2012

Campus Technology Digital Edition - March 2012


Build Your Own: With advances in online learning, students can now construct their own university experience. What does that mean for traditional schools?
E-Portfolios: Are We There Yet?
6 Top Legal Issues
Reinventing it Through Innovation

Cover Image: Campus Technology February 2012

Campus Technology Digital Edition - February 2012


The New Normal: In an era of budget cuts, CIOs must reset expectations of what IT can handle — and rebrand IT as an efficiency expert.
Taking Homegrown Products Open Source and Beyond
3D, or Not to Be?
Smartphones: Teaching Tool or Brain Candy?

Cover Image: Campus Technology January 2012

Campus Technology Digital Edition - January 2012


Stepping Into the Future: Creating 21st century facilities that emphasize form, function, and cutting-edge tech
What's Hot, What's Not for 2012
CT Innovators: Where Are They Now?
Go Green Now
Blog-Powered Instruction
Reinventing IT

CT Digital Edition: December, cover shot.

Campus Technology Digital Edition - December 2011

Women in IT: Why does IT remain a male-dominated field, and how can more women find success in it?
The Business Case for the Cloud
Online Course Evaluations
Next-Gen Tablets
Case Study:
Mobile Web

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