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Campus Technology is published monthly in a digital/PDF format, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile platforms. CT is the most trusted publication covering education technology on college and university campuses. Click on an issue below to view or download. If you're looking for older issues see the archive of the print edition from January 1996 through December 2010.

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CT Magazine Cover -- May 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — May 2013


  • Engage Your Faculty Now! How to Spark Faculty Interest in IT and Improve Instruction
  • Google Apps vs. Office 365
  • When Does Telepresence Make Sense?
  • How to Design Collaborative Spaces
  • Creating Connections for Student Success
  • 6 Secrets to Managing IT Projects

CT Magazine Cover -- April 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — April 2013


  • 6 Ways to Create Change: Change-Management Experts Share the Secrets Behind Large-Scale Tech Transformations on Campus
  • IT Does Not Love iPads
  • Licensing Solar Power
  • Can Green Tech Save Cash?
  • Making Mobile Devices a Learning Tool
  • Outsourcing Education

CT Magazine Cover -- March 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — March 2013


  • Fixing the Copier: Plagiarism Is Rife on Campus, but Technology Has the Power to Police Offenders and Change
  • Bad Habits
  • Marrying Into Moocs
  • Welcoming BYOD on Campus
  • Keeping an Eye on Cheaters
  • Devices to Spur Interaction in Class
  • Top IT Security Worries

CT Magazine Cover - February 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — February 2013


  • Training Next-Gen Data Superheroes: New Data Science Degree Programs Are Turning Out Tomorrow's Big Data Specialists
  • Turning Out Tomorrow's Big Data Specialists
  • Going Behind IT's Back
  • Tools for Teamwork
  • Budget Survival Strategies
  • Finding Your Way With Digital Signage
  • Top 7 CRM Trends

CT Magazine Cover - January 2013

Campus Technology Magazine — January 2013


  • What's Hot, What's Not 2013: 5 IT Experts Pick the Winners and Losers Among the Trends Swirling in Higher Education
  • Cost Savings in the Cloud
  • Will HTML5 Kill the Native App?
  • Stanford's Online Strategy
  • Collaborating Via Web Conference
  • 6 Expert Tips for Flipping the Classroom

CT Magazine Cover - December 2012

Campus Technology Magazine — December 2012


  • 4 Keys to a Better Hybrid: How to Lay the Groundwork for a Blended Learning Program that Improves Student Performance
  • My Life as a MOOC Dropout
  • Digital Badges for Today's Students
  • Enhancing Coursework with Social Tools
  • The Right Blend for Learning

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