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News 02-20-2001

Syllabus Conference to Address Distance Learning

Track 5 of the Syllabus Spring2001 conference, to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio April 5-8, will deal with "Distance Learning: Issues and Programs." Because many traditional courses now include distance learning components, and many distance learning courses include occasional face-to-face meetings, the experience of those teaching at a distance has become more valuable to us all. They are the total immersion veterans. Their experience, as contained in these sessions, is ever more applicable to teaching approaches in general. Whether you "meet" your class only occasionally online, teach straight distance learning courses, or are considering the use of online course components for the first time, the sessions in this track are appropriate.

The Distance Learning track will consider the latest thinking about online learning from numerous perspectives, including the design of online courses, real-time or synchronous communication, systems for delivering online courses, online assessment, and ethical considerations for teaching online.

For detailed session descriptions and online registration, visit Also, be sure to check out the conference brochure in the February issue of Syllabus magazine.

Centurion Introduces Two New Antennas for Bluetooth Applications

Centurion Wireless Technologies recently introduced two new antennas for Bluetooth applications at the Wireless Symposium: the BlueChip and the MicroBlue antennas. The BlueChip antenna is an internal antenna that offers high-gain performance (>2.0 dBi) with a wide bandwidth. It's small and light-weight with PCB surface mount- applicable in vertical or horizontal positions without sacrificing performance-and can be delivered in tape and reel packaging. The MicroBlue antenna features one of the smallest footprints of its type at .03" thick, and it provides 3 dBI gain. The MicroBlue is customizable for high-volume embedded applications in either board- or cable-mount configurations.

The BlueChip and MicroBlue antennas cover a frequency range from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz and are omnidirectional along the azimuth plane. The Bluetooth and WLAN applications include IEEE 802.11, HomeRF and Open Air.

For more information, visit

Call for Papers Deadline

Temple University invites participation in an online conference to be held April 17 through May 1, 2001. The conference focus will be "Intellectual Property and Digital Information in Higher Education: Problems and Solutions." Educators, academics and policy makers, legal scholars and practitioners, and creators and publishers of educational software and content are encouraged to submit papers and register for the conference at The submission deadline for papers is February 22, 2001.

AcquireX Launches Business-To-Education E-procurement Private Network

AcquireX, an e-procurement network, recently launched a Web-based education supply marketplace that combines three separate purchasing options in one system. AcquireX provides one-stop prourement by meeting all K-12 and higher education purchasing regulations, whether buying through AcquireX's network, through the institution's preferred vendors, or through bids and quotes. AcquireX also provides comprehensive customer support, incluing the handling of returns and other issues.

Following a successful six-month pilot period, feedback from beta customers such as American University in Washington, D.C., and the Spring BranchSchool District in Houston, Texas, led to AcquireX's creation of the three-tiered purchasing options. AcquireX customers may purchase goods and services directly from AcquireX as a "super supplier/aggregator,'' use the AcquireX sealed bids and quotes modules when legally required, or pur-chase goods and services using the AcquireX facilitation module. This module is primarily tailored to accommodate an institution's local vendors and its established supplier contracts.

For more information, visit

CSU Teams With Alcatel to Develop Networking Technology Program

The California State University system has announced a partnership with Alcatel to establish a networking technology curriculum and training program at participating CSU campuses. The partnership will create technology labs, internships, scholarships, and other opportunities for CSU students system-wide. CSU Long Beach and CSU Monterey Bay will pilot the networking curriculum this spring.

The program is intended to teach the fundamentals of networking technology by establishing or enhancing networking courses at CSU campuses and will be used not only for student courses, but also for CSU staff training. The program will enable students and staff to design, implement, troubleshoot, and maintain networking infrastructures.

For more information, visit

Wright Williams & Kelly Donates Software to University of Arkansas

It was announced today that Wright Williams & Kelly has donated an advanced manufacturing software license to the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. The product, Factory Explorer, is an integrated capacity planning, cost analysis, and discrete event simulation software solution. The license will be used for research in the Department of Industrial Engineering.

For more information, visit

Media Lab Expands to India

India will soon have a Media Laboratory of its own. Officials with the Media Lab at theMassachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., confirmed it isinvolved in talks with the Indian government to set up a new Media Lab facility inIndia. The deal, which could be worth as much as $1 billion, would befunded partially by India's government and by the sponsors recruited both by MIT and by the Indian govern-ment. With so many American high-tech companies setting up development centers there, the new lab should boost India's already accelerating IT economy. In addition, the lab will conduct research to use technology to help improve education in the country.

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