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Product Summary

IntelliStation M Pro

The IntelliStation M Pro workstation is optimized to the demands of engineers, media creators, software developers, and financial analysts. Features include mission-critical reliability, a user-centric design, task-tuned 2D/3D graphics based on the IBM Fire GL2 graphics card, and a scalable tower configuration. This package comes equipped with either Pentium III processors at up to 1GHz or Pentium 4 processors at up to 1.5GHz, and a choice of either an Intel 840 or 850 chipset. System performance is enhanced by an SCSI controller and disk and RAMBUS memory.

Precision Series

The Dell Precision Series supports high-performance capabilities in digital content creation, computer-aided design, geographic information systems, software development, and financial analysis markets. For those who run computationally-intensive applications, the Precision Series offers the Precision Workstation 330, featuring a Pentium 4 processor at 1.4 and 1.5GHz, and a 400MHz system bus optimized for RDRAM and a broad selection of professional graphic solutions.

Visualize X-Class

Hewlett Packard's Visualize X-Class is designed for users performing simulations, virtual prototyping, complex modeling, and other high-end visualization tasks. This package includes single or dual Intel Pentium III processors with 256KB of high speed transfer cache, two clock frequencies to choose from (866 MHz and 1GHz), and greater mass storage expandability (up to 72GB internal disk) for the disk space and performance needed to work on large models and multiple designs. The X-Class features interactive model lighting and rotation and is able to allocate very large amounts of memory for texture mapping.

Power Mac G4

The PowerPC G4's Velocity Engine is able to process data in 128-bit chunks instead of the smaller 32-bit or 64-bit chunks used in traditional processors. In addition, the PowerPC G4 can perform four (in some cases eight) 32-bit floating-point calculations in a single cycle—two to four times faster than traditional processors.

Features include a vector permute function capable of rearranging data in the registers, of particular benefit when converting data from one format to another and a pre-installed graphics card capable of transferring digital video data at up to four times the speed of the original AGP bus.

Quadro2 Pro

This full-featured board provides advanced 3D and 2D performance. Features include a hardware antialiased line engine, a 6.4GB/sec bandwidth that enables work in fully textured mode while achieving real-time frame rates, and a 64MB unified frame buffer that supports high-resolution, 32bpp textures. With 1.0G pixels/sec and 31M triangles/sec geometry processing capabilities, the Quadro2 Pro can support just about any engineering design environment. The Shading Rasterizer feature makes realistic material properties possible through per-pixel shading effects.


The Silicon Graphics Octane2 multimedia workstation is capable of interactive rendering of three-dimensional or volumetric data sets, featuring high-performance VPro Graphics and 128MB of configurable graphics memory. The combination supports faster drawing, display, and manipulation of large data sets—up to 1920x1200 pixels at 60Hz. Designed for high performance with big data, the Octane2 delivers a measured 448 million pixels per second with trilinear mipmapping and depth-buffering, and 18 million lit depth-buffered, smooth-shaded immediate mode triangles per second.

The 12-bit per color component path achieves more levels of color to allow users to see subtle variations—extremely important in medical imaging and other fields of science and research.


Inexpensive and easy to use, the Wacom Graphire graphics tablet measures just over eight inches square, with an active area of 4" x 5". The tablet connects via cable to a computer with a USB or serial port, and features a transparent overlay for easy tracing. Graphire comes with a programmable pen featuring a built-in eraser and 512 levels of pressure sensitivity to enable users to draw a sketch, add a note to an e-mail, or sign their name. Also included in the package is a cordless, batteryless Graphire Mouse, which has 1,015 lines per inch of resolution. The mouse has no ball to clog up, includes three programmable buttons and a scrolling wheel, and is designed for ambidextrous use. Graphire ships bundled with six applications including Adobe Photoshop LE, Corel Painter Classic, Sensiva, and Adobe ActiveShare.

Need a font? is an online source for purchasing fonts from many well-known foundries. offers more than 11,000 fonts, most available in TrueType and PostScript Type 1 formats for both Windows and Macintosh. Several useful features make it easy to buy fonts, even for customers who aren't sure what they want. MyFonts Valet allows customers to enter keywords to browse and locate fonts using descriptive terms, font names, or the name of a particular foundry or designer. The Test Drive feature allows users to enter sample text and display it in a variety of sizes before purchase, and WhatTheFont allows users to scan a sample of text and upload it to the Web site where the closest matches are then displayed.


A general-purpose solid and surface modeler, formZ is a design tool with an extensive set of 2D/3D form manipulating and sculpting capabilities. The interactive graphic interface with associated multiple windows, tear off tool palettes, undo/redo operations, customizable key shortcuts, simultaneously available prepick and postpick modes, and integrated 2D/3D operations allows users to work in either 2D or directly in 3D space.

2D and 3D geometric transformations provide the ability to move, rotate, scale, or reflect either individual entities or groups of entities simultaneously. Users can attach, extend, and place tools to facilitate the positioning of objects or their parts relative to other objects, and a Query tool provides the ability to determine information about objects, as well as calculate areas, volumes, and distances.

An integrated drafting module allows images to be transported from modeling to drafting and vice versa, and offers associative dimensioning and hatching, 2D Boolean operations, text, and symbols.

Painter 6

Corel Painter 6 is a painting tool particularly useful for graphic designers and artists. Users can choose from hundreds of brushes and art materials, and the new brush engine not only renders continuous single-pixel lines of color (representing individual brush hairs), but also makes the process much faster than in previous versions. The updated interface allows users to tailor collapsible palettes and control the amount of onscreen information, and access as many palettes as needed within an organized workspace. A variety of features allow users to apply different colors of paint to each “bristle" of the brush; paint in 3D layers; insert, edit, tilt, rotate, stretch, scale, and type works directly on a curve using automatic configurable drop shadows; and open and save CMYK TIFF images.


Earth scientists, chemists, biologists, medical researchers, engineers, and other professionals use N'esys software from Research Systems for analyzing, visualizing, and maintaining control of data. All versions of the program generate 2D and 3D visualizations and allow varying plotting formats as well. Compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms, N'esys eliminates the need for expensive, high-end workstations. Features include an easy-to-use graphical interface and visualization applications Transform, T3D, and Plot. N'esys also provides raster imaging of data, global map projections, importing of many file types, and the ability to create, edit, and organize data using the HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) file format.


ACDSee enables users to organize and quickly browse through folders and view thumbnail images of files. Supporting more than 40 image formats, the ACDSee Browser is designed for fast display of images and archive file contents. High-speed access lets users click on a filename and get an immediate display inside the Preview window. The Folder Tree feature provides a view of all the folders on the system for easy access to images, and clicking on any folder opens it instantly. Other features include image sharing and photo enhancement capabilities, simplified file conversion, drag-and-drop functions, a user-friendly graphical interface, and a customizable toolbar. Audio and video clips are easily played from the browser, and users can acquire images from clip art, CDs, or the Internet, as well as with the aid of a scanner or a digital camera.

Studio Artist

Synthetik's Studio Artist graphics synthesizer is an intelligent-assisted painting, drawing, video, and image-processing software. Studio Artist is able to look at an image and automatically and/or interactively paint or draw it in a choice of styles, including 3D Paint. Studio Artist is resolution independent—able to take a low-resolution image and re-render it at a higher resolution with its hybrid model of raster paint and editable vectors paths. The Auto-Rotoscoping and Visual Effects features turn low-resolution Quicktime movies into high-resolution moving art. Studio Artist also features morphing and interactive warping features, animation, layers, and a complete image-processing suite. Studio Artist ships with more than 1,000 fully editable graphics tools and allows users to create their own tools as well, using the paint synthesizer or paint evolution feature.

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