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Multimedia, Graphics, and Visualization


Adobe AfterEffects 4.1

Adobe AfterEffects 4.1 allows users to create motion graphics and visual imagery for film, video, multimedia, and the Web. AfterEffects 4.1 comes in two versions: the Standard version, with a core tool set for motion graphics professionals, and the Production Bundle, with more advanced motion control and keying capabilities, plus 3D channel, audio, and visual effects. New features include support for higher image resolutions; the ability to import more file formats, including RLA and Softimage PIC; the new Flowchart View of the hierarchy of footage and effects in compositions and projects; and a keyframe assistant for automatically sequencing layers. AfterEffects 4.1 also features a new plug-in that allows users to animate and render realistic water effects and to create high-altitude fly-over shots and underwater scenes. Contact: Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA; (408) 536-6000;

Amigo 2000

Amigo 2000, from Three D Graphics, is a new charting program for use within Microsoft Office. Create presentation-quality, data-driven charts with a simple, interactive user interface. It features the ability to insert and edit fully rendered 3D bar charts, pie charts, and many others. Amigo 2000 may be used independently, or in conjunction with Excel or PowerPointlaunched from a button on the toolbars of each of the applications. Features include texture fills, grids and scales, and 3D chart rotation. Amigo 2000 uses a software-based OpenGL technology to create fully rendered charts. Contact: Three D Graphics; Los Angeles, CA; (310) 553-3313;

ATI Xclaim VR 128

The ATI Xclaim 128 is an upgrade that enables users to display 128-bit 3D and 2D multimedia graphics on Macintosh platforms. By bringing movies or TV directly to the screen, education users can create, edit, and store professional quality videos and presentations. Users may watch television full screen or in a window, while working in other applications. The power behind Xclaim is ATI's RAGE 128 graphics accelerator. Xclaim VR supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 and incorporates 3D features such as fog, video textures, alpha blending, and morphing. With the Xclaim VR 128 Video Player capture utility, users can import images or video from a VCR, camcorder, or laser disc. Contact: ATI Technologies, Inc., Toronto, Canada; (905) 882-2600;

Axum 6

Axum 6 is a technical graphing and data analysis package for scientists, engineers, financial analysts, market researchers, and those who need to portray data and information in a rich graphical form. Users can create anything from visual analysis models to publication-quality graphs. Axum 6 features multipanel conditioning plots, customizable toolbars and menus, a link with PowerPoint, and over 90 2D and 3D graphs. Combining multiple data sets and axes on one graph, Axum 6 arranges multiple, editable graphs. It provides a range of data analysis functions such as automatically calculated error bars, data smoothing, curve fitting, descriptive statistics, frequency analysis, and regression analysis. Contact: Mathsoft, Inc., Cambridge, MA; (617) 577-1017;

Extensis PhotoGraphics 1.0

PhotoGraphics 1.0 is a set of drawing and advanced text tools for use within Photoshop. Features include complete text editing, illustration tools, design capabilities, object-level anti-aliasing, and the ability to embed and share illustrations. PhotoGraphics offers text formatting options not in Photoshop, such as character style sheets, individual character color, super- and subscript, full justification, and horizontal and vertical scaling. Productivity features enable manipulation of layers, object-level opacity for each object independently, color palette import and export, dockable palettes, rulers, and guides. Contact: Extensis Corp., Portland, OR; (800) 796-9798;

Macromedia FreeHand 9

FreeHand 9 is a design tool for creating and producing illustrations and layouts for print and the Web. Uses of Freehand 9 range from commercial line art illustrations and newspaper infographics to mixed media pieces that combine line art with bitmapped images and typography, as well as graphic elements, interfaces, and animations for the Internet. Also included is support for Macromedia Flash, which assists users in moving their work from print to the Internet. Users can export URL-linked illustrations, layouts, and animations from FreeHand in native Macromedia Flash format files, which can play back via Shockwave or Java. Contact: Macromedia Inc., San Francisco, CA; (415) 252-2000;

Paint Shop Pro 6.0.2

Paint Shop Pro 6.0.2, a professional image-editing program, delivers graphics and photo-editing tools that integrate with any work environment. Its complete set of customizable paint brushes, editing tools, color enhancements, and multiple layering capabilities allows users to design dynamic print material and Web sites. Paint Shop Pro 6.0.2 includes new features such as gradient options, image effects and deformations, color adjustment layers, expanded digital camera support, multiple image printing, and optimization for producing high-quality Web graphics. With Animation Shop 2.02 included, users can also create animated GIFs for the Web and multimedia. Contact: Jasc Software Inc., Eden Prairie, MN; (612) 930-9800;

Repligator 5

Repligator 5 is an easy-to-use graphical effects program, which runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. Designed for people who want to produce interesting and colorful graphic images, Repligator 5 is a stand-alone program that d'es not require complicated plug-ins. New features to Repligator 5 include the ability to print directly from program to printer and five new effectsColor Television, Embroidery, Piet Mondrian, Peeling Plaster, and Jackson Pollock. Improved Xforms include Ivy, Marilyn Warhol, and Swarms. Contact: Ransen Software, Victor, NY; (716) 425-3753;


ArcInfo 8.0.1

ArcInfo 8.0.1, the geographic information system (GIS) software from ESRI, is the new platform for creating, managing, disseminating and applying geographic knowledge. Compatible with other industry-standard information technology, it also allows software developers to integrate and develop software applications. ArcInfo 8.0.1 has been reengineered to take advantage of a new object-oriented data model that allows users to add behavior, properties, rules, and relationships to their spatial data. ArcInfo 8.0.1 fully integrates DBMS technology. Contact: ESRI, Redlands, CA; (909) 793-2853;


KaleidaGraph for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms transforms complex data from Excel or text files into visual graphs. Files from both platforms are fully interchangeable. KaleidaGraph uses algebraic and statistical functions to manipulate more than 8 million data points and features precision control of plot elements for 16 2D plot types. KaleidaGraph 3.08 for the Mac and 3.09 for Windows include file import support for Excel 5.0, better Windows-to-Mac file exchange, easier page layout, and the ability to open up to 32 plots at one time. Contact: Synergy Software, Reading, PA; (610) 779-0522;

Maple 6

Maple 6 is an advanced computational system and tool set with symbolic algorithms and industry-leading numeric solvers. It provides a single computing environment for defining and setting up models, analyzing the results both numerically and graphically, and creating technical reports for publication, or e-publication. New features include spreadsheets, comprehensive word-processing capabilties, hyperlink manager, context menus, palettes, and expression editor. Maple 6 is available in Windows, Macintosh, Popular UNIX, and Linux platforms. Contact: Waterloo Maple Inc.,Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; (519) 747-2373;

Mathcad 2000 Professional

Mathcad 2000 Professional, the calculation and analytical software for technical professionals, educators, and college students, uses real math notation to solve complex technical and engineering problems. By integrating text, equations, and graphics, Mathcad 2000 simplifies and streamlines documentation of the engineering process. With its new MathConnex component and Web-based collaboration tools, MatchCad 2000 addresses the workgroup needs of those working on complex technical projects, allowing them to connect to the Web and publish to the Internet or an intranet. Contact: Mathsoft Inc., Cambridge, MA; (617) 577-1017;

Simulink 3.0.1

Simulink 3.0.1 is an interactive tool for modeling, simulating, analyzing, and prototyping dynamic systems. Commonly used in control system design, DSP design, communication system design, and other simulation applications, Simulink enables the user to build graphical block diagrams, simulate dynamic systems, evaluate performance, and refine designs. Simulink is a powerful simulation software tool that enables the user to quickly build and test virtual prototypes in order to explore design concepts at any level of detail with minimal effort. Contact: The Mathworks, Inc., Natick, MA; (508) 647-7000;

SPSS Graduate Pack 10.0

The SPSS Graduate Pack 10.0 is the full version of SPSS one might find in a lab on campus. The Graduate Pack for Windows includes SPSS Base, SPSS Regression, and SPSS Advanced Statistics. It includes the book SPSS Base 10.0 Applications Guide, a resource to help students approach data, identify and remedy problems, and interpret the results. It focuses on output, on understanding what statistics mean, and on how the different statistics relate to each other. Contact: SPSS, Inc., Chicago, IL; (800) 543-2185;

VectorWorks 8.5

VectorWorks 8.5 offers CAD technology and a new Object-Based design philosophy. VectorWorks integrates next-generation Object-Based design with precision 2D drafting, powerful 3D modeling, high-quality rendering, a dynamically linked worksheet function, and a flexible scripting language. This integration provides the increased productivity of Object-Based design without sacrificing the flexibility and control of general-purpose CAD. Registered users can download a 250-plus page resource guide describing the ways VectorScript can be used to create custom solutions. Contact: Diehl Graphsoft, Columbia, MD; (410) 290-5114;

Visible Analyst 7.1

Visible Analyst 7.1 is an integrated application development tool that provides graphical analysis and design capabilities in one package. Visible Analyst has a multi-user repository for storing and documenting data, processes, and objects used by analysts and developers throughout an organization, thereby eliminating redundant development efforts. New features of Visible Analyst 7.3 include the ability to generate XML Document Content Description (DCD) files that can be read by eXcelon eBusiness Information Server, and reverse engineering that analyzes legacy databases to find relationships not expressly defined to the database. Contact: Visible Systems, Corp., Waltham, MA; (617) 890-8909;


Authorware 5.1

Authorware is a visual rich-media authoring tool for creating Web and online learning applications. It allows developers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts to create online learning experiences, track student results, and deliver rich-media training on the Web, LANs, and CD-ROM. Authors of any skill level can quickly develop interactive learning applications with the Authorware flowline, icons, and templates. Use hyperlinking, hypertext, full text search and retrieval, and eleven different built-in interactions. Contact: Macromedia, San Francisco, CA; (415) 252-2000;

Director 8 Shockwave Studio

Macromedia Director 8 software allows users to create multimedia corporate presentations, e-merchandising applications and interactive entertainment. Director 8 combines graphics, sound, animation, text, and video to create streaming, multiuser, interactive Web content that is easy to deploy for CD- or DVD-ROM and the Web. New features include linked lingo scripts, multiple curve vectors, and precision sound control. Included is Shockwave Multiuser Server 2, which enables the development of Web designations that include collaborative features, such as real-time messaging, chat rooms, whiteboard discussions, auctions, and multiplayer games supporting up to 1,000 simultaneous players. Contact: Macromedia, San Francisco, CA; (415) 252-2000;


Quest 6.0, from Allen Communications, uses an approachable, reusable, and extensible object-oriented architecture to enhance the creation of multimedia, interactive training, and education applications. Quest features FastTracks, libraries of pre-built screen layouts, buttons, and interactions. Quest 6.0 maximizes the power of the newest 32-bit operating systems, including Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. Users may run animations, video, and audio interactions. ActiveX support allows developers to use third-party tools such as 3D controls, virtual reality objects, streaming audio and video, HTML objects, and calendar objects. All online documentation and support materials are built directly into the interface. Contact: Allen Communications, Salt Lake City, UT; (801) 325-7850;

Tandberg Educational Partner Tools

The Partner Tools is an authoring software that provides teachers and materials developers with the ability to create their own multimedia learning materials. Its simple user interface is easy to navigate. Each Partner Tool is available in two versions: the Designer and the Browser. With the Designer, teachers can choose the best medium to communicate their message: a still picture, video clip, or audio clip. All material can be stored in digital format. Using the Browser, students can work through the multimedia experience in a linear sequence or by using random access, but do not have the capability to change the content. Contact: Tandberg Educational Inc., Brewster, NY; (800) 367-1137;

ToolBook II

ToolBook II Assistant 7 is a courseware authoring product for business professionalsincluding trainers, sales and marketing managers, educators, and human resource managerswho need to create true multimedia learning materials. Create interactive courseware using the drag-and-drop interface and deliver these online learning lessons on the Internet, an intranet or LAN, or on CD-ROM. Assistant 7 features ready-to-use templates, a quick publishing process to the Internet or an intranet, streaming audio and video, and Dynamic HTML (DHTML). Contact:, Bellvue, WA; (800) 448-6543; www

Visual Café 4 Standard Edition

Visual Café 4, from Symantec, is a Java environment that includes an integrated editor, graphical debugger, and compiler. The two-way drag-and-drop development ensures that the code editor and visual designer are synchronized, producing source code in real-time. Users create Java applets and applications with productivity Wizards, utilities, and over 100 JavaBeans. Wizards help the creation, viewing, and visual editing of JavaBeans and interactions. Improve code efficiency and accuracy with syntax suggestions provided by the Java Code Helper. Contact: Symantec Corp., Cupertino, CA; (888) 822-3409;


Apple iMac DV

With the Apple iMac DV, users benefit from the latest digital video technology. Use the iMac to watch DVD movies, or create professional-quality movies using a DV camcorder and iMovie digital video editing software. The DV model also provides a standard VGA output port and video mirroring support. Choose a 350- or 400MHz processor, 64- or 128MB of SDRAM, ATI Rage graphics accelerator, and a 56K modem Contact: Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA; (408) 974-0210;

Compaq AP550 Professional Workstation

The Compaq AP550 Professional Windows NT Workstation offers 128MB of memory and a 9GB or 18GB hard drive (10 or 20GB are optional), and five expansion slotsfour for PCI and one for AGP Pro 4X. The machine features an Intel Pentium III processor in a convertible mini-tower design. Contact: Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX; (800) 88-TEACH;

Gateway Profile 2 All-in-One Desktop

The Profile 2 from Gateway is an all-in-one desktop computer with a 15.1-inch liquid crystal display, which tilts for convenience. It includes integrated multimedia and communication tools, industry-standard manageability, and 64MB SDRAM. The Profile 2 includes a DVD- or CD-ROM drive, and four USB ports for optional printers, scanners, or any other USB PC accessory. Profile 2 is designed to fit into a compact space while providing the ease of use of a desktop computer. Contact: Gateway, N Sioux City, SD; (800) GATEWAY;

SGI 320 and 540 Visual Workstations

The SGI 320 and 540 visual workstations provide multistream video and high-end graphics functionality well suited to both creative and technical applications. With the availability of a wide range of scientific and office application software, these computers can be used for 2D/3D animation, complex database analysis, desktop publishing, graphics-intensive Web site development, learning-on-demand, simulation, video editing, and a broad spectrum of scientific research. Both systems include the new Integrated Visual Computing (IVC) architecture, from Silicon Graphics, which provides the bandwidth to simultaneously support complex graphics models and multiple streams of uncompressed NTSC or PAL video, giving users the freedom to work with uncompressed data in real time. Contact: SGI, Mountain View, CA; (650) 960-1980;

Sun Ultra 80 Workstation

The Ultra 80, from Sun Microsystems, is a desktop workstation with uni-, dual-, and quad-processor configurations. The Ultra 80 can be used for simulation, design and analysis, modeling and virtual prototyping, animation, rendering, and video effects. It has high memory bandwidth, allowing up to four gigabytes of memory, four processors, and dual Elite3D graphics. It supports multiple disk arrays from its UltraSCSI bus, and runs high-speed peripherals. By running multiple high-performance graphics subsystems with up to two Elite3D m3 and/or Elite3D m6 simultaneously at full speed, the Ultra 80 provides fast and realistic visualization and imaging. Contact: Sun Microsystems, Palo Alto, CA: (650) 960-1300;

Premio Telesto3 Series

The Telesto3 Series features 32MB SDRAM, integrated 10/100 LAN chipset, ATI video, and a choice of processors. A 15-inch monitor is available. Windows 98 or NT comes preinstalled. This alternative to a more expensive mainstream desktop promises seamless integration into any network featuring the Premio Titan server. A remote LAN wake-up feature allows for remote maintenance without interruption. Contact: PREMIO, City of Industry, CA; (800) 677-6477;

IBM RS/6000 Model 43P-140

The 43P-140 is an entry-level desktop/deskside system that provides a range of performance options, from drafting, design, and software development to high-definition 3D graphics and technical simulations. It includes the choice of processor speed, storage devices, and communications features, allowing users to configure the system for particular needs. With the selection of powerful 2D or 3D graphics accelerators, or high-function 3D graphics input devices, the 43P-140 provides the necessary capability for demanding 2D or high-function 3D applications. Contact: International BusinessMachines,Inc.,Armonk,NY; (914) 499-1900;


Elmo EV-6000AF Visual Presenter

The EV-6000AF visual presenter provides educators or those developing distance learning applications the capability to enhance multimedia presentations. Through the technology of electronic visual aids, presentations may include a specific object, chart, graph, or video. The EV-6000AF includes a second camera for 3D realism and Digital Signal Processing camera technology for sharp imagery,whichservest'enhance photographs, slides, and 3D objects. Users can store JPEG images and transfer them to and from a PC for presentation or for developing Web pages. Contact: Elmo Corp., Plainview, NY; (800) 816-2364;

Hitachi M2 Multimedia Recorder

The Hitachi M2 Multimedia Recorderisacamera capable of creating real-time MPEG movies. After copying the MPEG-1 digital video files to a Macintosh or a PC, users can instantly view up to two hoursoffull-motion, full-frame video from a CD-ROM, or over an intranet or the Internet. The M2 multimedia recorder combines a high resolution CCD with 1GB hard drive that takes up to 12,000 jpeg photos, and records 16 hours of 32k digital audio at the same time, allowing users to combine images and sound. An ISA card for Windows 95/98 computers and a SCSI interface solution for Macintosh allow users direct access to the camera for copying, deleting, and renaming images. With the audio and video output and input cables, users can connect to or capture video from a TV or VCR. Contact: Hitachi America Ltd., Brisbane, CA; (800) 816-2364;

NEC ConnectED

NEC's presentation products help educators display information with color, text, graphics, motion, and sound with large-screen presentation products that feature professional-level image and sound quality. Educators benefit from the NEC ConnectED program, which delivers benefits such as special pricing, extended warranty coverage, service training, and Web support. Students benefit from enhanced visual presentations, which include video, audio, and graphics. A large-screen presentation appeals to students and immerses them in the course content. Contact: NEC, Irving, TX; (800) 832-6632;

Proxima DP5800

The Proxima DP5800 is a desktop projector with SVGA resolution that ensures clear images even with the lights on. A motorized 1:5:1 lens offers a wide range of zoom settings. This multimedia projector is a cost-effective solution for integrating multimedia tools into classroom learning by allowing educators to display large, high-quality images from PCs, Macintoshes, VCRs, CD-ROMs, video discs, and televisions. They can also be useful for cooperative learning, performance assessment, multisensory/multimodal instruction, and distance learning. See Proxima's free, online resource for educators and other presenters at Contact: Proxima, San Diego, CA; (800) 447-7692;


BioFit Multimedia Desk

BioFit introduces a multimedia (dual monitor) modelofitsSemi-RecessedMonitor Computer Technology Desk. This instructional computer technology workstation lowers the traditional placement of the monitors, providing direct line-of-sight between instructors and students. Strain on the wrist is minimized because the keyboard and mouse are at the same level. The desk is offered in various sizes and with various accessories for customizing it to specific applications and instructional environments. Contact: BioFit Engineered Products, Waterville, Ohio; (800) 597-0246;

CcE Voice Closed Caption Encoder

With the ccE Voice closed caption encoder voice system from International Computers, one can create text captions without the use of a keyboard. The combination of closed-captioning and voice recognition technology allows users to speak into a microphone to add closed captions to live broadcasts or videotapes. Advanced video synchronization logic enables transparent time coding, time-based correction, and real-time genlocking. Software is Windows based and integrates OneClick technology from International Computers. Contact:International Computers, Franklin, WI; (414) 764-9000.

EZ-One Flex CD Duplication Controller

The EZ-One Flex, from Discmatic, is a compact CD duplicator. When connected to any CD-R tower enclosure, it becomes a completely stand-alone tower CD duplicator. Combined with the Discmatic AD1050, it functions as a fully automatic CD duplicating machine. Designed for both of these needs, EZ-One Flex is a solution for audio compilation, CD-to-CD duplication, and batch copying. A 4GB internal hard disk drive stores and manages multiple CD images. Some functions include loading, deleting, renaming, and un-deleting CD images. A large backlit LCD display shows information on the progress and status of the duplication process in real time. The firmware in Discmatic EZ-One Flex can be upgraded. Contact: CBC America Corp., New York, NY; (800) 422-6707; www

Flash Memory Card Readers

Flash memory cards from Multimedia Accessories, Ltd., are the ideal storage medium for digital data, images, and audio for a variety of platforms, including digital cameras. The External Parallel card readers can be installed on the desktop of one's PC and accessed through the icon like any other disk drive. The company's line of PCMCIA Card Readers can transfer images at a rate of up to 1.25 MB/second from the flash memory cards to the computer by way of the computer's PCMCIA ports. Contact: CompuCable Manufacturing Group, Costa Mesa, CA; (800) 344-6921;

iPresenter RGB Video Adapter for iMac

The iPresenter video adapter is a compact device that installs easily into an Apple iMac computer. The iPresenter is compatible with all A, B, and C versions of the iMac. The iPresenter drives a projector, scan converter, LCD panel or external monitor. Additionally, there are models of iPresenter adapters for All-in-One Macintosh computers and compatible computer-to-TV scan converters. The iPresenter is compatible with PC and Mac display devices with D-15 or HD-15 connectors. Easily installed, the iPresenter mounts unobtrusively to the iMac's enclosure. Contact: PowerR, Seattle, WA; (800) 729-6970;

Micro Composer MIDI Sequencer

The MC-80/MC-80EX Micro Composer, from Roland, is a professional stand-alone MIDI sequencer. The sequencer is equipped with composing, arranging, and quick real-time performance capabilities, as well as large-capacity storage via an internal floppy disk drive and optional internal 2.5-inch IDE hard drive or internal Zip drive and/or SCSI port. The MC-80 allows the user-installation of an optional VE-GSPro Voice Expansion Board, offering 1,117 high-quality GS instrument tones ranging from grand pianos to TB-303s, 42 full rhythm sets, 128 Preset Patches, and powerful effects processing capabilities. This configuration, also available together as the MC-80EX model, presents a complete "all-in-one" sequencing and sound module solution. Contact: Roland Corp., Los Angeles, CA; (323) 685-5141;

Philips Multimedia Center

The MMS110R multimedia analog speaker system, from Philips, plugs into a PC with a T-bar cable. The high-power, 50-watt PMPO has a 150-20,000 Hz frequency range. Using the Philips audio technology, the MMS110R has a high sound quality, and the Bass Boost renders rich, smooth bass. These 3" full-range loudspeakers are designed to reduce working space occupied on a desk, without compromising sound and stability. The loudspeakers are magnetically shielded to prevent distortion to TVs, monitors, and other magnetic devices. Contact: Philips, Atlanta, GA; (800) 326-6586;

Rio Portable Music Player

The Rio PMP300, from Diamond Multimedia, is a portable MP3 music player for mixing and storing up to 60 minutes of digital-quality music from the Internet or a CD using MP3 compression. It is smaller than an audio cassette, and because it has no moving parts, it never skips. Powered by a single AA battery, Rio PMP300 provides up to 12 hours of continuous music playback. Also included is a CD music sampler for downloading music and songs from the Internet. Contact: Diamond Multimedia, Vancouver, WA; (800) 468-5846;

SMART Expression

SMART Expression is a mobile multimedia cabinet that houses a choice of peripherals in a secure, attractive unit. It is pre-configured with all the necessary cabling and connections to run a variety of multimedia tools. Expression is part of the SMART Roomware family of products and is a perfect partner for the SMART Board. Contact: SMART Technologies Inc.; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; (888) 42-SMART;

Video Flex 7600

The Video Flex 7600 is an imaging device with an array of applications that range from telemedicine and videoconferencing to distance education and security. The portable, high-resolution Video Flex 7600 attaches directly to the USB port of a PC or Mac computer, with the ability to show live action on both a computer and up to two TV monitors at the same time. Capable of magnifying up to 50 times, it also focuses within 6mm of a target object. Its design is a 40-inch flexible neck that allows many configurations: for instance, bent into a stand or coiled around an object for hands-free video imaging. All the necessary software for computer integration is included. Contact: Ken-A-Vision Manufacturing Co., Kansas City, MO; (816) 353-4787;


Q Series

The Q Series, from Eos International, is a library information management and access system. Employing a scalable, client/server architecture, the Q Series can support the needs of libraries with 10,000 to 10 million titles. Modular in design, the Q Series includes fully integrated modules, and Boolean searching is possible though its Excalibur RetrievalWaresearch engine from Excalibur Technologies. The Q Series also supports natural language querying and concept searching. It incorporates Web technology for use via intranets, extranets, and the Internet. Contact: Eos International, Carlsbad, CA; (800) 876-5484;

Excalibur Screening Room

Excalibur Screening Room is an integrated solution for video asset management. It provides advanced end-to-end technology for capturing, analyzing, screening, searching, and retrieving all types of video and related closed-caption text and metadata. It captures and analyzes video; identifies crucial events like scene changes, cuts, and fades; and creates a storyboard of thumbnail images for quick and easy access to significant scenes. New features include the ability to create rough-cut previews and EDLs for accelerating offline editing sessions, and an audio logger that converts sound/voice track to searchable text. Contact: Excalibur Technologies Corp., Vienna, VA; (800) 788-7758;

Imation Media Manager

Media Manager is a client/server application that provides fast, easy access to a variety of digital content, including graphics, audio, video, and text. This media asset management software allows the user to catalog, organize, search, and retrieve digital files, maximizing productivity and enhancing collaboration with staff, contractors, and clients. Media Manager is scalable and customizable to meet the needs of internal work groups to global enterprises. Built upon an open architecture that allows for easy integration, there is an option between MS SQL Server and Oracle database engines. An extensible plug-in is compatible with many file formats and third-party applications currently used in office communications, print, multimedia, and Internet publishing. Contact: Imation Software, Oakdale, MN; (888) 466-3456;

Informix Dynamic Server 2000

Informix Dynamic Server 2000 delivers a transaction engine for mission critical applications while providing an upgrade path to the Internet. Capable of supporting thousands of concurrent users, it is scalable to power even the largest transaction processing systems. Features include enhanced Virtual Table Interface (VTI), which provides the ability to integrate and view legacy data from a variety of disparate systems, databases, and formats, and easy migration from previous Informix database products. Contact: Informix Software, Menlo Park, CA; (650) 926-6300;

MacRascol 5

MacRascol 5 is a Macintosh image management software, compatible with OS 7 and 8, that provides users with the ability to create, manage, and output high-quality photographic images, including 35mm slide presentations and ultra-high resolution chromes and negatives for photo retouching, photo business cards, and enlargements. MacRascol 5 includes the Macintosh BLL (Binary Lasergraphics Language) generator software, enabling files to be easily transported to other Macintosh and Windows computers for imaging on a Lasergraphics film recorder. Contact: Lasergraphics, Irvine, CA; (800) 727-2655;


WAM!NET is a global electronic business-to-business service provider which offers digital data management services and workflow solutions to the publishing, printing, advertising, and entertainment industries. Combining managed global network and storage infrastructure with Industry Smart software, WAM!NET provides a common workflow platform for the creation, transmission, and storage of data. The network is sold as a service and everything is provided to subscribers as a turnkey solution with a simple "pay by the megabyte" pricing. Contact: WAM!NET, Minneapolis, MN; (800) 611-9006;

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